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Education Club

Club Mission

The club mission is to create a supportive environment to develop the students' social, personal and leadership skills and talents, and to employ their energies in voluntary work, by working as ambassadors of awareness for the rights of people with special needs


Club Objectives

●       Providing support for talents; embrace and develop creative ideas; and hire their talents to serve their religion and country

●       Organizing scientific, cultural and awareness activities related to people with special needs and activities that are compatible with Vision 2030

●       Dissemination of the volunteering and awareness culture among university students, towards the rights of people with special needs

●       Dissemination of awareness, sports culture, and health education among university students

●       Contributing to the development of students' leadership skills by enriching their experiences in participating in various events and activities

●       Enrich students' experiences in volunteer work, thus enhancing their belonging and loyalty to their university and their country

●       Provide lectures, training courses, and workshops to improve the students' social and personal skills, to prepare her to practice those skills in society


Club Committees

●       Project Management

●       Quality and development

●       Media

●       PR

●       Design

●       Organization



Members of the Special Education Club


LECR. Alaa Mohammed Makki


Manal Hwaishel

Sarah Faraj

President of the Special Education Club

Student: Buthaina Marzouq

Deputy: Ghada Al Ghosn

Club headquarter

Department of Student Activity, second floor

Means of communication:


Twitter: @pnu_special

Instagram: pnu_special

Snapchat: pnu_special