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Research Priorities

​Instructional and Learning Technologies

• Professional development in the digital age.

• Quality and innovation in employing technology in education.

• Information security and digital citizenship.

•E-learning leadership.

• Preparing the learner in the digital age.

Early childhood:

• Activating the partnership between the family and kindergarten in education.

• Developing the cultural awareness of the child and the teacher.

• The impact of technology on early childhood stage.

• Management and evaluation of total quality in early childhood.

Inclusion in early childhood.

• Socialization in early childhood.

• Developing society's awareness of modern trends in child rearing.

• Electronic professional development for female students to keep pace with the labor market.

• Using technology in the educational process.


Issues in Cyber Psychology.

•artificial intelligence.

• Quality of life and promotion of mental health for the individual and society.

Positive Psychology.

• The role of the psychological counselor as a partner with the family in supporting the student's academic success.

• The role of school counseling programs in reducing the behavior of self-harm and others

Legalization of modern psychological standards and tests.


• Education, development and strengthening of the national identity.

• Developing and strengthening Islamic values and principles.

• Education and social issues.

• Education and developing future skills.

• Women's Empowerment.

• Higher education issues and problems.

Sport and Physical sciences

• Nutrition and health.

• Community sports.

Curriculum and teaching methods

• Teacher preparation.

Curriculum standards

• The relationship of education to society.

Teaching the Arabic language.

• Moral education and the teaching of values.

• Measuring the performance and professional licenses of the teacher.

Museum Education.

• Life skills (quality of life).

• A safe environment in educational institutions.

• Translation of books of importance in postgraduate programs.

Special Education

• Assessment and diagnosis in the field of special education.

• Inclusive inclusion.

• Universal design for learning.

• Employment and vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

• Participation of families.

Educational Planning

• Human capacity development.

• Building a positive and stimulating environment.

Raise the morale of university employees.

• The moral values of university leaderships.