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Award Conditions


●       All staffs of the College of Education who meet the conditions are entitled to be nominated for the award.


●       No nomination will be considered unless the nomination form is accompanied by evidence and evidence on the basis of which the grades are placed in the award scale form


●       The required papers and documents shall be submitted on time, and all evidence and evidence on the basis of which grades are placed shall be attached, arranged according to the order of the nomination form.

●       The required papers submitted to the award committee, and the committee does not return any nomination to departments or members to complete its deficiencies


●       The candidate is excluded from the competition, and the award committee may request original documents from the applicants, and it is not obligated to return copies to the candidate whether she wins or not


●       The evaluation of the work shall be based on the performance of the faculty members, female employees, students, and educational departments during the academic year in which the award is granted.


●       The competent committee calculates the points for each female candidate, and awards the award to the candidate who has achieved the highest number of points according to the approved criteria and principles


●       The award committee selects one winner from each category at the college level


●       Those who received the award are not entitled to apply for the same award again.


●       The dean or members of the relevant committee are not entitled to nominate for the award


●       All data and information provided by the female candidates shall be dealt with in the strictest confidence, and will only be used for the purposes of preference for nomination for the Excellence Award


●       The award will be withheld if none of the female candidates achieve a minimum score of 75%


●       The award committee is obligated not to disclose the names of the winners until after the results are approved


●       Prize winners are honored at the college's closing ceremony at the end of the academic year.​