Smart Suitcase

Smart Suitcase is a cloud service provided by PNU in partnership with Microsoft, which allows communications and information and data sharing between PNU students and employees with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


This service is available to students only. Each student is provided with a 50GB email account on Microsoft Cloud. (This service is provided to students after they transfer their mailbox to Microsoft Cloud).
Microsoft Teams Icon
Microsoft Teams
This represents the next generation of communications that allows PNU students and employees to communicate together in new ways. The service offers a number of advantages in one platform that includes instant messaging and conference calls, thus providing PNU students and employees with the best communication methods through a single interface.

Office Online
This service allows PNU students and employees to use the Microsoft Office Package without the need to download it to the user’s computer, while saving files through the OneDrive service.

Yammer Social Media
Yammer is a social media network that allows PNU students and employees to communicate and interact through groups and discussions.

Cloud Storage (OneDrive)
This is a service for hosting files, allowing PNU students and employees to upload and synchronize files to the storage cloud, and accessing them through the browser or the local device. OneDrive is part of a group of Internet services, previously known as Windows Live. OneDrive offers privacy and the ability to save private files or share them, or make files public while providing 6TB of space per user.

Office ProPlus
This service allows PNU students and employees to download and activate the Microsoft Office package on their devices, with five licenses per user.


To login to Smart suitcase services you can use the follwoing link:
click here

PNU Employees

To login to Smart suitcase services you can use the follwoing link:
click here


Yes, all regular PNU students will be have permissions to use Smart Suitcase.
Yes, once the mailbox has been moved from the PNU server to the Microsoft Cloud server. For more information on service availability, visit (link).
No changes will be made on the student email address which is:
Yes. For more details, please read the user guide.
The Smart Suitcase is available only to regular PNU students. The service will be terminated upon graduation, withdrawal or transfer to another university.
All files saved in the Smart Suitcase will be automatically deleted upon graduation, withdrawal, or transfer to another university. It is best to take a backup of all your files on an external drive.
Yes, it is possible to download it for free on the following: Microsoft Windows, MAC, and mobile phones, with a maximum number of five devices.
No. The older version 2013 will be removed once the newer version 2016 is downloaded.
Some educational material is provided through the following link after logging in using your PNU account: (press here):
These messages will be automatically removed after 30 days from deletion.
• Unified interface for all Smart Suitcase services including the email service.
• Each student will get 50 GB mailbox size.
• Archive mailbox with 50 GB for each student in case the primary mailbox been fully utilized.
• The integration between email service and OneDrive.
Student can notice the changes easily from the main page of email service as follow:

Old email service theme before moving to Microsoft cloud:

New email service theme after successfully migrated your mailbox to Microsoft cloud:

Student will be able to sign in through:

• PNU portal page

• Smart Suitcase official page.

You can configure the email based on your device OS as follow:

Automatic settings for IOS OS:

Automatic settings for Android OS:


Manual settings for all smart devices:

Technical Support

If you have any inquiries, you can use the following data: