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Career Opportunities for Graduates of Academic Programs

Career opportunities for graduates of academic programs
Special Education

●       A-Job opportunities for female graduates:

●       Work in public and private public education schools.

●       Work in governmental and private special education centers.

●       Work in scientific and research centers

●       Care homes for adults.

●       Shelter and day care centers.

●       General Administration of Special Education.

●       B-Jobs listed in the Civil Service Bureau:

●       Jobs of researchers and social workers

●       Social supervisor jobs

●       Social Observer Jobs

●       Researcher and social development specialist positions

Department of Physical Sports Sciences

Where can a graduate of the Department of Physical Sports Sciences work?

▪         Sports supervision in universities

▪         Rehabilitation centers for people with special needs

▪         Public Authority for Sports sectors

▪         Fitness and health centers

▪         Sports equipment companies

▪         Sports affairs in government sectors

▪         Sports centers management

Educational Administration Master's Program


●       Teaching jobs

●       Education management jobs (100)

●       Positions in student affairs, admission and registration (10200)

●       Educational sectors (10002)

●       Institutes(10005)

●       Institutes directors (10006)

●       Education Supervisors (10010)

●       Educational centers

●       Universities and academic colleges

●       Private and government schools

●       Colleges of Technology

Department of Curriculam and Teaching Methods

●       Work as teachers in public and private public schools

●       Work in academic colleges and universities

●       Work in educational centers

●       Work in scientific and research centers specialized in the field of education

 Instructional and ​Learning Technologies Department

    -Content developer

     -Training and development specialist

     -Instructional designer



Psychology Department

According to the Ministry of Civil Service's classification of bachelor's degree graduates in Psychology, a graduate of the Psychology program will be able to work in a group of jobs classified as follows:

●       Specialized jobs (psychologists, researchers, and measurement and orthodontic jobs)

●       Teaching jobs (advisor, student observers, researcher and student affairs specialist)

●       Administrative and financial positions (investigation officers, researchers, alternative councils and elections specialists, case researchers)

●       Media and social relations (supervisors of publications, social security specialists, social workers jobs, social supervisors jobs, social observers, housing supervisors, housing monitors)


Jobs according to the private sector:

Specialized jobs in private centers and clinics (psychologists and measurement specialists jobs)