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Volunteer Summer Training Initiatives

Faculty Members Summer Training Initiative


The initiative aims to provide qualitative training for faculty members all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The College of Education  provided a set of various professional development program within the summer training initiative. The training provided focused on investing the times of faculty members during the summer vacation to develop their skills in order to improve public education outcomes .

This initiative is considered an activation of the roles of the Community College and was presented by a selection of specialists in the educational field from the faculty members of the college which included qualitative specialized topics that covered various fields such as e-learning, educational strategies, psychological counselling, educational management, and the skills of twenty-first century learners. More than 4,300 people have been trained in more than 43 training workshops.


The workshops offered within the initiative 1441 AH 

Program Total hours
E-learning  post-COVID-19: Your guide to providing an integrated learning experience4
Pioneering excellence in educational leadership performance4
Active learning strategies and their applications in the educational process4
Practical steps to make children happy in the quarantine4
Advanced course in scientific research methodology8
Artistic trends for children from birth to 9 years4
My child and reading between reality and hope4
How can the expert teacher activate the active learning card?4
flipped learning 4
‏The Rise of Online EFL Classes after COVID-19: Best Educational Practices for Effective Utilization of Technology for EFL Teachers.4
Critical thinking4
Educational leadership4
Planning an effective blended teaching and alternative assessment4
Critical reading skills4
Job burnout in educational institutions4
Paracord in the instruction process4
21st century skills in teaching and learning4
Emotional intelligence applications in education4
Digital citizenship4
Technical applications in mathematics education12
Activate distance learning 4
Contradiction's strategy to correct misconceptions4
Positive thinking skills4
The development of management mindset4
Museums and virtual art galleries design8
Effective student performance appraisal4
Stress management4
Universal Design for Learning in Science Education8
School feeding to promote health4
Positive thinking4
Transitional Post-Secondary Programs for People with Disabilities4
E-learning management systems4
Integrating global citizenship into teaching4


Workshops offered within the initiative 1440 AH 

Program Total hours
Technical applications in mathematics education4
Virtual and augmented reality applications in effective teaching4
decision making4
School performance appraisal4
Critical thinking8
Skills of employing some digital tools in the educational process4
Problem solving  and decision making in the educational organization 4
Reflective teaching4
Speaking Skills4
Best teacher practices to raise students' reading ability according to PIRLS standards    4