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Distance Learning Program​s- Applied College


 Distance Learning  Program​s- Applied College

Introduction to the program:

Marketing Diploma (distance learning) is an academic and vocational program which is intended to provide the student with qualification necessary for admitting to a university diploma in marketing and professional work to get a job in the marketing sector.

Program Goals:

This program aims to preparing and qualifying women specialists in the field of marketing, and providing them with scientific knowledge and professional skills whereby they are able to work professionally in jobs in the marketing sectors and obtain specialized professional certificates in the field.

Program Curriculum:

In the program, the student studies the foundations and principles of marketing, the structure and environment of marketing systems, consumer behavior, retail management, and marketing services.

The student prepares marketing research; and gets to know the functions and tasks of the sales management process, marketing communications and distribution channels.

The specialist in the field of marketing can apply methods and techniques of problem-solving and decision-making skills in the context of marketing activities.

The program achieves capacity building, capabilities and knowledge in specialized fields such as identifying, collecting and analyzing the information needs, communication skills, customer behavior, public relations and dealing with others.

The student studies additional courses to broaden her knowledge in other related fields such as business administration, finance, and the use of computers in business.

In the last semester, the student completes the cooperative training requirement by practicing the profession with a number of distinguished local companies in order to provide her with practical experience in the field of specialization.


Program study mechanism:

Courses in the program are offered through electronic systems for distance education in the university. They provide the student with interactive and non-interactive electronic content for the program courses. The student is also studied and performance evaluated by attending simultaneous lectures and attending exams.

Program duration:

The program is offered over two academic years (four semesters) with (60) credit units.


Among the most important beneficiaries in the public and private sectors are the following:

Marketing departments in the government and private sectors.

Sales agencies.

Promotional and commercial organizations.

Wholesale and retail sectors.