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Training Workshops

Training workshops:

Princess Nourah bint Abdul Rahman University offers the faculty members many courses and training workshops in e-learning, the use of learning management systems and the design of electronic courses. These courses are:  

On-the-full-level electronic course design requirements:

The course surveys the essential requirements for designing an electronic course in accordance with the e-learning quality standards adopted by Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University. It includes several stages, starting with the first stage, which is the analysis of the content, and ending with the stage of producing and reviewing the e-course.

A course on the skills of using the learning management system (blackboard) during e-teaching:

The course survey the most important tools in the learning management system (blackboard) and ways to activate them in the teaching and learning process.

Online teaching basics course:

The course approaches the most important online teaching skills. It enables the faculty members to properly plan for teaching an online course, formulate learning outcomes, write assessments, and activate the discussion board in a correct manner.