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Designing and Teaching E-courses Program

About the Program:

The program aims to support and strengthen the educational process through proper recruitment of the technology and to enable the faculty members to play the expected role in a modern and more interactive manner. The program will also rely on the basic level of development and teaching of electronic courses (100% attendance).


Contributing to the improvement of the educational process and its outcomes by using technology in the correct way.
Activating the basic level of e-learning at the university.
Achieving the vision of the University.
Adherence to a standard methodology that is consistent with national regulations, practices and global standards in the development and teaching of e-courses.
Empowerment faculty members with knowledge and skills to design and teach e-courses.
Enhancing the interaction and empowerment of learners of the 21st century skills.
Building the institutional capacity of colleges at the University.
Sustainable e-learning development.

The Program's Methodology:

The program goes through four basic phases as follows:

BodyFaculty Member
PhaseExpected RoleExpected Load
Nomination PhaseSelf - nomination. Attending the guided workshop. 2 hours
Preparation Phase
The work charter-Defining technical readiness2 hours
Development PhaseCourse expert. Design and build the course on the learning management system. It includes the building of contents, activities, evaluation and all guidance information of the applicant. Attending scheduled and periodic meetings.20 hours
Teaching a course phaseE-teaching includes follow-up, evaluation and feedback on students' work and assignments, as well as follow up the e-course and ensure its effectiveness. 1 hour weekly
Evaluating a course phaseParticipate in questionnaires and interviews. 4 hours