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Educational Resource Production Program

The program aims to:
Strengthening the University's contribution to the National Education Resources Initiative (Shams).
Allowing faculty members to enhance the digital educational content.
Contributing to the building of the knowledge society.
Promoting the integration of the Open Education Resource Platform with the e-learning management system.
Raising awareness to open educational resources.

Training workshops:
The program consists of two workshops, each lasting two days, with 5 training hours. Each workshop includes a set of tasks that require completion no more than a week after the workshop.

The First workshop: Enrichment of Shams Platform.
The Second workshop: Leadership in Shams Platform. 

For registration, please fill in the nomination form here. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

When you join the program, the following tasks should be carried out:
- Composing (5) educational resources in the National Education Resource Platform (Shams). 
- Creating an entire educational unit at the National Educational Resource Platform (Shams). - Sharing of 80 educational resources from external sites to the National Education Resource Platform (Shams).

- Earning a certificate from the National Center for E-Learning for the first training workshop (Shams Member).
- Earning a certificate from the National Center for E-Learning for the second training workshop (Certified Shams Member).
- Earning a Certificate of Excellence in the Production of Educational Resources from the E-Learning and Distance Education Center.
- Opportunity to participate in the Award of Excellence for Educational Resources provided by the National Center for E-Learning and Distance Education.
For the award website, please (click here). 

Integration of the Learning Management System with the National Educational Resource Platform, Shams (click here). 
Education Resource Licenses (click here).
Contribute to educational resources (click here).