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The Comprehensive Skills Mastery Program for a Learning Management System

Advanced E-Learning Management System Skills Program (Itqan)

Nomination Mechanism:
1- The nomination for the program is open throughout the semester, in an electronic manner, where the faculty member nominates herself through the program’s nomination form by selecting one or more e-learning packages. This process will be supervised by the E-Learning and Distance Education Training Unit at the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education
2- The process of supervision and following up of applications to join the training program is carried out through e-learning professionals.
3- The e-learning professional records the application information in full in the member registration form in Itqan program as follows:
Name of faculty member
Nature of employment
Employment grade
Training package
4- Once the application form is submitted to Itqan program, it is then submitted to the Technical Support Department no later than two days after receipt of the request.
5- The faculty member receives a confirmation e-mail of their registration.
6- The activity of the staff members on the e-learning management system is followed up by e-learning professionals and they are given support when needed. 
7- The faculty member is assessed by following up on her activity and interaction within the e-packages through weekly reports showing on the e-learning management system. 
8- Certificates are issued for passing Itqan program (if the faculty member passes all training packages) and issuing electronic package certificates (if the faculty member passes specific training packages). 
9- Important note: When an application for registration in any of the seven training packages is submitted, another application for registration for the member is attached directly and automatically for the (Practice Course). This package contains all the activities and exercises that make this experience more realistic. "The training packages are explained in detail below."

Training Packages:
By joining this program, you will be entitled to the following:

7 e-training packages that provide you with a full interactive learning experience and each package includes:

Orientation Module: Guidance Unit to help participants make a successful start. 
Robust Lessons: Lessons and they include instructions and step by step examples, best practices and useful advice.
Hands on Exercises: A range of exercises to enhance different skills.
Discussion Topics: Ready discussion sessions.
Wrap-up Activities: Final wrap-up activities that connect content in a meaningful way. ​​​​​

The Supplementary Practice Package:
This package enables participants to complete various activities and exercises. It includes false lists given to students that help manage the course, evaluate it, and review assignments, making these practices more realistic.


#Training PackagesTypeExpected time to complete the course

Getting Started to use your LMS





One Week
2How to Create Effective Assignments and Tests



One Week
3How to Monitor Student's Performance



One Week
4How to Enhance Student's Communication



One Week
5How to Build Your Online Course



One Week
6Designing Engaging Content



One Week