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Professional Development Program

About the Program:

It was established so periodic meetings could be held that are based on the concept of a professional learning community, in which the employees of the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education meet to develop their knowledge, skills and experiences, and stimulate their individual and collective talents and creativity.

And where the Creative Community in its first and second Season was based on motivating dialogue sessions, in its third Season, it steps a level up to speak about its achievements that took place, by mentioning its stages and challenges.

The Deanship staff members were divided into four teams, each team chose a challenge that they needed to achieve and is consistent with the vision, mission and objectives of the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education as well as the University's and 2030 Vision. This challenge was led by the Dean of E-Learning and Distance Education: Dr. Shoroog Alkhalifah, and under the supervision of the Director of the Department of Research and Development Dr. Fadia AlKhaadrah, Miss Amal Alwarhi and the creative team members of this program.