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About the College

The Health Sector is one of the cornerstones of societies, and it reflects how civilized and scientifically progressed a society is. To that end, College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences was established to prepare qualified cadres scientifically and professionally in the field of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. The college aims at meeting society's needs in this field, and affirming its role in the society development alongside with the rest of the sciences and specializations.


PNU's College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences was established in 1429 H under the name "College of Physiotherapy" with only one program, which was Physiotherapy program. After that, the college was restructured in 1433\1434 H, and it was renamed from "College of Physiotherapy" to "College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences". It includes four main departments, which are:

1.       Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

2.       Department of Radiological Sciences

3.       Department of Communication Sciences

4.       Department of Health Sciences


In addition, each department has several programs with 13 programs in total.


Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

- Physiotherapy Program

- DR of Physiotherapy Program

- Occupational Therapy Program


Department of Radiological Sciences

- Radiotherapy Program

- Diagnostic Radiology Program

- Ultrasound Technology Program

- Nuclear Medicine Technology Program


Department of Communication Sciences

- Audiology and Balance Program

- Speech and Swallowing Disorders program


Department of Health Sciences

- Epidemiology Program

- Health Education Program

- Clinical Nutrition Program

- Clinical Psychology Program


Distinguished Alumni:

- Razan Abu AlHasan

- Maimouna AlSalman​​