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Administration of Student Services

The tasks of Administration of Student Services ​:​
- Initiate administrative procedures related to students affairs, and complete all services required.
- Su​pervise the activities of student clubs, student events, competitions and theater in the college in coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs.
- Supervise student volunteer work in coordination with “Noura Atta Incubator”.
- Provide support services - subsidies and advances - student rights - skills registry services - student employment - safes
- Provide psychological and social counseling services and services for students with disabilities.
- Provide skill support and vocational guidance for students and graduates in coordination with the Student and Vocational Support Center at the university and the Guidance and Employment Unit at the college.

To contact the Director of Administration of Student Services 

          a. Salwa Al-Huraisi

Email /

Ext / 40805​