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Research Unit

​​​​About the Unit :
The Research Unit in the college of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences was established upon decision no. (7361) from the H.E. the Rector on 30\4\1437 H. The center is under the research centers unit at the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research. Its aim is to fulfil the needs for researches in the field of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. It lays the foundation of scientific research, develop plans and the programs, improve the researches laboratories, as well as encouraging cooperation agreement and partnerships with universities, academic and research institutions, and community institutions locally, regionally and globally. The center strives to improve and support and encourage the scientific research, and conduct outstanding basic researches in order to increase the efficiency of the faculty members and students in the field of scientific research. This methodology will result in qualitative and quantitative achievement in the field of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and lead to transforming the acquired knowledge in scientific research. At the center, we will have the opportunity to mix between the different specialization in the college of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, thus having a base to explore different horizons of knowledge, innovation, creative thinking and development.

Contribute to research ecosystem that cultivates creativity, excellence, innovation, and scientific research in health and rehabilitation sciences that contribute effectively to building knowledge and serving the community.

1.To promote interdepartmental and interdisciplinary Cooperation in research and innovation across the profession in the health and rehabilitation sciences.
2.To enhance the concept of high-quality research and ethics on the scientific research.
3.facilitate ecosystem of research excellence by using the effective use of intellectual, financial and physical resources to throughout the university.
4.To build scientific collaboration that attract outstanding and qualified researchers through holding seminars, forums or research participation.
5.To support the applied research and community partnerships based on the suggested research priorities by the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research.
6.To enhance the scientific research skills of the faculty members, students and college alumni 

Core Values:
•Creativity and Initiative
•Sustainable Development

Center services:​
•Conduct training courses.
•Provide Research consulting.
•Provide support for applying and processing the scientific research funding programs.
•Applying to research groups.
•Activating the research activities plan in the college.
•Enhance the research partnership.​