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The academic advising

-Receive the list of new students and distribute them to the faculty members in the programs.

-Address academic advisors when distributing counseling lists in order to organize their counseling work

-Direct the academic advisors in the programs to hold periodic meetings for the students and monitor the progress of the students and provide help and discover cases that need assistance.

-Direct the academic advisors in the program to identify the distinguished students, encourage and motivate them, and inform them of the advantages that they will obtain according to the rules and regulations.

-Direct academic advisors to identify students who are academically stumbling and those who suffer from social, health or psychological problems in order to help them solve their problems and refer those who need a specialist to the college advisor.

-Direct academic advisors to allocate individual meetings to guide students who struggle academically.

Academic advising places

E-mailOffice number 

Academic advising unit 

Ms.Nawal Almhaza

Third floor

Building 240


Head of academic advising unit and  advising coordinator in health sciences department 

Dr.Ghada Al-Hasawi


Second floor

Building 260


Advising coordinator in rehabilitation sciences department 

Dr.Azza Khalil

Third floor

Building 240


Advising coordinator in radiology sciences department 

Dr.zuohal Yassen

Third floor

Building 240


Advising coordinator in health communication sciences department 

Ms.Ashwaq Al-Harthy

Second floor

Building 240