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The path of support after the classified publication

"The Support after The Classified Publication"

It is a program aimed to motivate researchers who are interested in women and their affairs, issues, empowerment, and securing the quality of life for them, in accordance with the kingdom's vision and its quest to keep up with the knowledge economy.
Financial support is provided to researchers to encourage them to publish internationally classified, and enables the researcher to apply for research funding immediately after the publication of the research in the classified journal, and after appearing in indexed journals (WOS), and this is done through easy and quick procedures that provide them with the opportunity to get rapid and appropriate funding without the need for the usual routine administrative and financial procedures in centers and institutions that take the effort and time of researchers.

Program features:
The possibility of applying in all areas of knowledge that concern with women.
Submit the research proposal to the Scientific Committee of the Center to consider the appropriateness of the research for the center's concerns. 
Individual and joint research are acceptance. 
Making the request for funding available throughout the year.
Sign contrast or submit reports are not required.
Funding is disbursed after the search appears in (WOS) database.

Terms of application for research funding: 
The research should be published and available on WOS indexed magazine sites, in magazines with a strong impact factor (Q1,Q2,Q3).
The research has not received financial support from anyone else, inside or outside the university. 
The researcher has the right to submit an unlimited number of published research within one year.
The published research must be in the field of researcher specialization.
The name of Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University is listed directly under the name of the researcher. 
The researcher must be a member at the university when submitting the application.
The researcher who is a member at PNU is requested to arrange the names in the published research.
The submitted research must be either original Article , review Article or Case Report.
The content and ideas of the research should not interfere with Islamic values, national visions or university objectives.
Commitment with the standards and controls of quotations at the university issued by the Decision of the Scientific Council No. 151/19, at its 12th session held on 17/5/1440 AH.
Ownership of all scientific research outputs belongs to the University, whether patents, products or applications.
Include thanks and appreciation to the Promising Research Center in Social Research and Women's Studies for its support for published the research:
The authors would like to thank the Center for Promising Research in Social Research and Women's Studies at Princess Nourah University for funding this Project in 20….

The value of research funding: 
​Publishing in the ISI database
​Publishing in the SCOPUS database