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Manarah Database


The Database of  the Center for Promising Research in Social Research and Women's Studies.

Manrah project:

The establishment of an electronic database for topics that deals with Saudi women in the media.

Database includes:

Articles and news since the beginning of the emergence of the Saudi press; it is worth mentioning that women have received the attention of press from the beginning. The first reference was made in the fourth issue, 1343 AH / 1924, from the Saudi newspaper Um Al-Qura, through a number of medical advice. In addition to the policy decisions that supported Saudi women, helped them overcome challenges, facilitated their participation in development, and also contains programs prepared by Saudi TV about the achievements of Saudi women.For the benefit of the researchers, the Center worked on: indexing its scientific production, and adding to the database.

Value added in the project:

This is a unique project that gives Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University a distinction in the field of public image service of women, and helps in achieving the strategic initiative of the university in promoting women's positive mental image and emphasizing the importance of their participation and role. It is one of the main principles underlying the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Aims to:

• Follow the status of women and their role in society, and the position of their community and the amount of support given to them since the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Monitor issues related to women which Saudi newspapers interacted with.

• To highlight the positive image of Saudi women.

Working mechanism:

Is an electronic system that facilitates research of articles, higher decisions, and publications of the Center, and the researcher can print the materials she needs.

Target group:

Researchers interested in Saudi women, in human and social specialties.

Project aspirations and future plan:

The project is divided into temporal and substantive phases, starting from the emergence of the Saudi press, and currently working on the next stage, which includes articles published in foreign newspapers on Saudi women. It is looking forward to updating the database periodically and providing it with as many topics as possible to serve the project objectives, We hope to it would become a destination for researchers interested in the image of women in the Saudi and foreign press.​