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Mechanism of Evaluation and support

Terms of applications :

    1.Submit the proposal project according to the center's models (click here​).

    2.Attach the CV to the research team.

    3.Send the proposal by email  in PDF signed by the research team, and another version in WORD form.

    4.pages of the proposal should not exceed (30) pages printed in Arabic.

    5.The principal researcher is required to be at the rank of (assistant professor and above).  

    6.No objection in participation of researchers from inside and outside the Kingdom, with the aim of exchanging experiences and knowledge  enrichment  provided that the research team includes researchers from Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University.

    7.The principal research must sign a declaration of knowledge on the distinctive publication within (WOS).

How to get support:
  1. 1. The researcher has completed the form of requesting the financing of the research project in full.
  2. 2. Research projects submitted by the researcher are arbitrated by the following procedures:
    1.    - The research plan sends to two arbitrators to make their observations about: the research plan, its objectives, methodology, and importance, and the researcher is obliged to make any amendments requested by the arbitration.
    2.  - The amended chart is sent with the original scheme (before amendment) to the arbitrators to ensure that all required adjustments have been implemented.
    3. - in case of admission without modifications, the researcher/applicants will be addressed and informed of the center's approval to support the research project.
    4. - If the arbitrators do not approve the project or receive an evaluation score less than 85%, the center apologizes from accepting it.
    5. - Research projects are divided in terms of duration and amounts agreed to be funded into: 
Small projects : a project that :
The completion period does not exceed 12 months.
The maximum funding is no more than SR 40,000
The scientific production is no less than a scientific paper published in a scientific journal       ( WOS)

Medium projects: a project that:
The completion period does not exceed 12 months.
The maximum funding is no more than SR 80,000
The scientific production is not less than two scientific papers published in a scientific journal (WOS)

Quality control procedures:
- The Center oversees the arbitration of the tools used in the study.
- The Center follows the project in all stages through periodic follow-up reports.