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Partnerships & cooperation

Since the preparation of its operational and executive plans, the center has been communicating and developing partnerships with similar entities working in the same areas of interest, whether in the KSA or elsewhere, including:

Human Rights Commission:

The aim of the partnership is to develop the human rights' development efforts in all aspects related to the protection of human rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the human rights Commission's efforts to protect and promote rights in accordance with international human rights standards in all fields. Also to raise awareness about these rights and contribute to ensuring that they are applied, In the light of the provisions of Islamic law; as the independent governmental body competent to express opinion and advice on human rights issues.

​ Al Nahda Society:

Cooperation in the field of scientific research, scientific activities, training, lectures, seminars, conferences, information and documentation, and the exchange of publications.

​Crime Busting Research Center at the Ministry of Interior:

The MoU aims to enhance social security and cooperation by investing the results of studies and scientific research provided by specialists in this field to reduce the spread of crime and avoid its dangers to society, contribute to the evaluation and reform of those with criminal tendencies and abnormal behaviors, and enhance the concept of security and its importance in the life of the individual And community. In addition to identifying the reasons, the circumstances and factors that result in the criminal behavior of the individual, then the preparation of preventive programs on the basis of scientific cooperation with the research and studies centers of Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University, which in turn provide information and propose solutions to address problems and social phenomena, to achieve these goals and to strengthen the spirit of joint cooperation.

National Center for Youth Studies at King Saud University:​

The cooperation agreement aims at carrying out specialized scientific studies and research on various youth issues, formulating proposals and recommendations to raise the level of youth, solve the problems that face them, propose solutions and awareness programs that meet their different needs, prepare them to participate in different fields of development and implement programs and projects related to youth development and develop their skills.


contact has also been made with institutions related to the Center's work locally, coordinating with them to prepare joint community programs and activities, including King Salman Social Center, the Saudi National Committee for Childhood, Assistant Agency for Preventive Health, the National Narcotics Control Committee, Anti-Smoking Program, General Directorate Of Narcotics Control, and UNICEF GULF AREA OFFICE.