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The Deanship of Scientific Research Ambassadors Program


The Deanship of Scientific Research Ambassadors Program


The Deanship of Scientific Research Ambassadors Program is a voluntary window for Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University employees from the educational faculty members, self-employment personnel and graduate students, to work with us in spreading the vision and mission of the Deanship of Scientific Research, marketing its funding programs for scientific and human research, assisting the process of application to the programs, and acting act as an ambassador of the Deanship of Scientific Research in the university's colleges, departments and institutes.

Who is the Ambassador of the Deanship of Scientific Research?

The Ambassador of the Deanship of Scientific Research is one of the employees of Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University who contributed/contributes to the definition of the programs provided through the Deanship of Scientific Research and through the Support Services aiming at advancing the scientific research at the University. They also have clear efforts in following up the offered programs' applications and verifying their adherence to the set rules of the programs by working with the members of the research center affiliated to the college, and in direct contact with the Deanship of Scientific Research.

Objectives of the program:

· Promoting scientific research among faculty members, self-employment personnel, graduate and undergraduate students in Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University.

· Fostering and attracting a large number of university members and incorporate them in the research process.

· Strengthening the connection between researchers and the deanship of scientific research.

· Enhancing funding programs and research services presented by the Deanship of Scientific Research, which contribute to the research process and reinforce the Deanship's vision.

· Reinforcing the involvement of undergraduate students, teachers and lecturers in the university's research activity.

· Offering an appealing environment to support excellence and creativity in scientific research.

Promoting the Deanship of Scientific Research's role in fostering and sponsoring research.

The Deanship of Scientific Research ambassador will be able to:

1- review funding applications and ascertain the fulfillment of all required information, in addition to contacting members and students of the faculty, and self-employed members in the university to advertise services offered by the Deanship to them. They will also attract and encourage them to apply for the funding programs through research centers in their colleges.

2- Participate in the Deanship's activities and forums inside and outside of the university or to act as a representative –if necessary- of the Deanship or her college in general or her department in particular. In addition, the ambassador will promote funding opportunities generally, and the Deanship's programs specifically.

3- Join the funding team in the Deanship of Scientific Research periodically, and to contribute in brainstorming ideas, plans, general development procedures and creative contributions.

4- Join the Deanship of Scientific Research's partners in colleges and university's research centers, in addition to working with members of research centers for 2-3 hours a week to review and edit funding applications.

Requirements for joining the program:

1- to be a female member of Princess Norah Bint Abdulrahman University either form the faculty members or a higher education student in various fields or a self-employed female member.

2- Attending the preparatory workshops at the Deanship of scientific research that offer some information regarding the funding programs, the services provided by the Deanship, their application conditions.

3- to be active in social media, have good knowledge about the latest trends, technical methods, advertising and communication skills.

4- She should speak fluently and have the ability to hold and manage persuasive dialogues.

5- to have an experience with the university, college, and department events and activities, and to have previously joined projects, campaigns, and initiatives.

6- To arrange her time to join the program and be active in it.

Benefits for joining the program:

1- contributing in developing the scientific research activity in Princess Norah Bint Abdulraman University and creating the appropriate research environment.

2- Adding a professional experience to the female Ambassador of the Deanship of Scientific Research.

3-Gainnig an experience in the marketing teamwork of research funding programs through panels, interviews, and meetings.

4- Gaining the membership of the Deanship of Scientific Research to represent the University in various forums and conferences within Riyadh City and to communicate with active researchers in different areas and disciplines.

5-The priority of obtaining a research funding offered by the Deanship according to the approved terms and conditions.


The Deanship of Scientific Research's Ambassadors Program is divided into two groups, and ambassadors in each collage need to be divided into both groups, namely:

1. A group specialized in attracting researchers generally and junior researchers especially within the university. Communicating, coordinating and connecting them to Research Services Center in case advisory services and logistic support in the preparation of the research proposal are needed. This group focuses on:

A. Researching and making lists of junior researchers in the department/ college.

B. Generation of ideas and devising various methods to attract and convince researchers to apply for research funding.

C. Making a list of main events and workshops held by various colleges / departments / research centers / agencies and deanships at the university regarding the scientific research and promoting their presence among department/college members that ambassador belongs to.

2. A group specialized in reviewing funding applications and ensuring the the attachment of justifications required by the Deanship of Scientific Research in the funding application. This is by working directly with the research center in the ambassador's college for 2-3 hours per week.

Steps of enrolment in the program:

1. Fill in the application form.

2. Attach a CV.

3. Attach a letter explaining the willingness to volunteer with the Deanship of Scientific Research, and the reason for that.

4. A short personal interview at the research center or the deanship (as arranged) after the initial acceptance.

5. Final acceptance and distribution of the Ambassadors of the Deanship of Scientific Research among both working groups mentioned in the previous paragraph, by:

A. Accepted Ambassador's willingness (according to the profiling of herself in the application and after the interview)

B. Program supervisors' assessment of the applicant's capabilities, skills, and the appropriate location.


Duration of the Program:

The duration is a full academic year, subject to an ongoing evaluation for the work of the groups and ambassadors by the Deanship of Scientific Research in cooperation with the Research Center at the college the ambassador is affiliated to, at the end of each funding cycle. Accordingly, inactive ambassadors will be excluded or the work plans are altered in the group between the individuals.

Conditions for granting (The Deanship of Scientific Research Ambassador certification):

During the program, the Deanship of Scientific Research will conduct an ongoing evaluation on the ambassadors' work, and based on that the Deanship of Scientific Research Ambassador certification will be granted at the end of the program to the ambassador who clearly contributed to:

· Participation in at least two activities within the college or at the university level organized by the Research Center to which the ambassador is affiliated.

· Reviewing at least 10 funding applications the Research Center to which the ambassador is affiliated.

At the end of the program, Distinguished ambassadors will be honored while non-active ambassadors will be excluded, and the work plans will be changed if necessary.

" we are waiting for you to enrich us If you are interested in participating in this exciting experience and contribute in spreading Scientific Research culture withus​

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