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systems and procedures

Procedures for managing scientific societies​:
   Conduct 1 Communication and exchange of experiences with drawing. (press here)docx 
 Conduct 2 supervision of scientific societies with drawing​.​ (press here)docx
Procedure 1 Organizing events.(press here) docx
Procedure 2 Opening a bank account for a scientific association​.  (press here)docx
Conducting 3 elections for the board of directors of an association(press here docx)
4 Substitution of a member of the board of directors of a scientific association​ (press here.docx)
Conducting 5 polarizing memberships(press here.docx)
Support services unit procedures:
Procedure 1 Modify the administration page on the site.(press here)docx
Conducting 2 news and announcements of scientific societies.(press here)docx
 Procedure 3 Coordination of conferences and meetings with the drawing.(press here)docx

Standing Committee Unit Procedures​:
Procedure 1 Preparing the minutes of the Standing Committee meeting​.(press here)docx
Procedure 2 Propose regulations and executive procedures.(prees here)docx
Procedure 3 Establishing a scientific association.(press here)docx
Procedure 4 Proposing mechanisms for activating scientific societies.(press here)docx