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Student Clubs Unit

 ​The University pays great attention to students' clubs. The aim is to build lively and educational experiences for students by organizing many activities that enable them to integrate in the University environment as well as linking theoretical aspects of life with practical training.


The following table is an overview of the University's Clubs:


College of ArtsArts ClubThe club seeks to promote and enhance the status of women and build a generation that spreads knowledge and skills by helping students refine and develop their
College of EducationPsychology ClubThe club provides the appropriate climate and environment to allow students to participate in University activities in all areas and encourage creativity and
College of ScienceScience ClubThe club contributes to the building of an educational institution capable of keeping pace with continuous
College of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration ClubThis club equips and provides students with excellent business experience to achieve the highest standards of management and social development. This diversity makes our society stronger and more energetic. It develops the pioneering and creative thinking of students in accordance with 2030 vision to prepare them for the labor
College of Computer and Information SciencesComputer ClubThis club spreads awareness through familiarizing students with the various computer areas that meet the needs and desires of students in many computer
College of LanguagesLanguages ClubThis club teaches languages with love and passion. By believing that language is the weapon of peace, it opens the learner's horizons for debate and speech. We love languages and we are excellent in them, and through language, we can make our world wider and broader.ialkhansasaleh@gmail.com22666
College of Arts and DesignThe Art ClubThe club contributes to building up students' unique character and the development of their talents. It encourages students to create and innovate through healthy socio-educational and religious
College of MedicineMedicine ClubThis club contributes to the medical student scientifically, culturally and socially and to activate the student's role in community
College of DentistryDentistry ClubThis club promotes and enables the environment for students in order to mobilize participation in student activities in medical   -
College of PharmacyPharmacy ClubThe club aims to engage students in promoting this profession in order to help elevate an intellectual and aware
College of Health and Rehabilitation SciencesHealth and Rehabilitation Sciences ClubThis club promotes public health as a key objective through cultural and community activities with modern technologies in accordance with 2030 vision and to support the tasks that help prevent infectious diseases. By this, we promote environmental
College of NursingNursing ClubThe club provides ways to keep healthy environments that promote the health of students through awareness-raising of physical
College of Social WorkTakamul ClubThis club gives students the chance to invest their energies in meaningful and useful programs and events that show their true personalities and develop their
College of CommunityCommunity ClubThe club invests students' potential and creativity at the individual and college levels. It also prepares students to face
College of EngineeringEngineering ClubThe club contributes to the development of engineering and invests in the leisure time of students with many beneficial
Deanship of Community Service and Continuity EducationNorah Alata'aVolunteer ClubThe club works toward national development by ensuring the role and value of women volunteering.
Preparatory YearPreparatory Year ClubThe club provides a healthy environment for students and promotes the health of students through health and physical
Arabic Language Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic SpeakersCultures and Peoples ClubThis club organizes events aimed at promoting cultural and linguistic exchanges between Princess Nourah University and the local and global
English Language InstituteIthraa English Language ClubThe club supports learning the English language through fun teaching techniques and useful time



The Vice-Rectorate supervises the following general clubs:



Nazahah ClubThe aim of the club is to promote a culture of integrity, combat corruption, develop self-censorship among University students and organize seminars, and workshops that serve and promote this
Speech and Drama Club

It aims at investing in the students' various literary talents (writing, recitation, acting) and developing them in the production of theatrical works aimed at the University and society.
Nibras Club

The aim of this club is to achieve complementarity, effectiveness and quality in the prevention of the use of narcotic drugs and substances.



Female Student Housing ClubThe aim is to support and promote belonging so as to contribute to the positive and interaction of female students in and out of
Reading Club

Building a reading, educated and conscious University community by disseminating and encouraging reading culture among students.
Values Club

To link the student to the teachings of the Holy Quraan and to the prophetic Sunnis, which are honest on the correct advocacy approach, characterized by mediocrity, compassion and moderation.
Dialogue Club

Spreading the culture of dialogue among students of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University according to various and correct methods that enable them to activate them in the fields of life.
Friends of Nature Club

This club is concerned about creating an environmentally friendly society that contributes to the transformation of nature's cultures into real practices for sustainable development of the environment in the Kingdom.
Riyally Entrepreneurship Club

This club seeks to promote a culture of financial independence among students and to establish the concept of self-employment by offering entrepreneurship programs.




Manaret Nourah Journalist ClubDeveloping the skills of students in the preparation of electronic periodicals covering various scientific and cultural
Research and innovation ClubThis club seeks to produce a cadre of female health researchers and inventors in a manner consistent with global requirements and
2030 Vision ClubThis club seeks to build a student society that will contribute to the Kingdom's Vision

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