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Psychological and Social Counseling Unit

Psychological and Social Counseling Unit

The Psychological and Social Counseling Unit is under the authority of the Student Guidance and Counseling Vice-Rectorate of the Deanship of Student Affairs. It Seeks to raise the level of social, psychological and academic counselling services to achieve psychosocial compatibility for students in the University environment.

Services provided by the Unit:
1.    Offer psychological, social and academic counseling services to students.
2.    Preparing awareness-raising programs and implementing plans to help students enhance and develop their personalities and skills.
3.    Study the cases of students who apply to benefit from the service of allowances and loans, as well as student housing and nursery care.
4.    Amend some of the incorrect behaviors of students through rehabilitation and therapy sessions.

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Contact Info:
Number: :  - 0118238818
Location: Main Building (P01), F1, Ground Floor, Deanship of Student Affairs, Office (104,45)