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Skills Register

Skills Record
It is an official document approved by the University that monitors the life skills (personal and professional) acquired by the student during her academic study at the University.
The body responsible for execution of Skills Record:
        Deanship of Student Affairs, represented by Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities.
        Vice-Rectorates of Student Affairs within colleges.
Objectives of Skills Record: 
1.   Ensuring the application and utilization of the skills acquired by the student during University life.
2.   Encourage the student to develop her talents and enhance her CV.
3.    Motivate students to participate in training courses and workshops that enhance personal and professional skills acquired during the period of study at the University.
4.    Boost the graduates of the University by supporting and encouraging students to refine the skills needed by labor market.
5.    Increase employment opportunity and rate for graduates.
Controls of obtaining Skills Record: 
        The student should be registered on a regular basis at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University.
        The certificate or document held by the student during her period of study at the University shall be approved and sealed by the body that organized the activity, and the official authority in the University should verify its authenticity.
Contents of Skills Record: 
Training courses and workshops attended by the student inside the University or from certified bodies outside the University in the following areas:
        Self-development and personality building (should not be less than 20 hours)
        Computer license ( should not be less than 15 hours).
        Vocational qualification courses (should not be less than 23 hours)
        Specialized professional training courses (should not be less than 12 hours).
        Participation in voluntary work and community service within the University or with external trusted and specialized bodies, training courses and other skills (should not be less than 50 hours)
 The following are skills to enrich the Skills Record but are not required:
·        Leadership skills: the student shall assume any of the following positions:
Member or president of the Student Advisory Council.
President of a student club.
Membership of Students Funds Board.
Participant of a student employment program.
Awards and patents: the student should have received one or more awards at (local, regional, and international) levels. 
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Should you have an inquiry regarding Skills Record, kindly contact us via email: DSA_ASA@PNU.EDU.SA