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Academic Assessment and Evaluation Unit


  1. 1. Investigate the compatibility between the content of the courses and teaching methods with the objectives of the courses and the expected outputs of education.
  2. 2. Study the extent to which programs meet the requirements of labor market and create the development plans.
  3. 3. Prepare for the sessions of the Standing Committee for teaching, learning and evaluation, and develop its minutes and then submit them to the Rector for approval.
  4. 4. Build and develop measurement and evaluation methods for academic programs.
  5. 5. Create a database for measurement and evaluation tools.
  6. 6. Submit reports of strategic performance indicators of the Vice-Rectorate to the competent bodies.
  7. 7. Develop the performance indicators, create measurements for those indicators, and submit periodic reports on the results.
  8. 8. Follow up the reports of the examinations and evaluation committees in the colleges and draw recommendations and improvement plans.
  9. 9. Develop mechanisms to measure learning outcomes of programs and follow up on their results.
  10. 10. Submit improvement plans and feedback to relevant bodies in the form of periodic reports.
  11. 11. Follow up on survey reports on the quality of academic programs.
  12. 12. Review the annual reports of the programs and submit periodic reports accordingly.
  13. 13. Document measurement and evaluation processes and procedures.
  14. 14. Prepare the annual report of the Vice-Rectorate of Educational Affairs.
  15. 15. Carry out the tasks entrusted to the Unit by the Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs.
  16. 16. Develop periodic progress reports.