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Celebrating the National Day 91

​The Arabic Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic Speakers at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University celebrated the 91st National Day on Sunday 26/9/2021 AD. The ceremony began with the national anthem followed by a welcoming introduction presented by an Indian student. Next, a Malaysian student recited a chapter from the Holy Qur’an. After that, “The World’s Rhythm” movie was displayed. A Philippine student read a national poem, followed by a cultural contest for the students. Later, a movie on “The Kingdom of Goodness” was played. After that, the National Day competition was conducted. Prizes were distributed to the students, and the program concluded the ceremony with a presentation of congratulatory words from the Institute’s teachers. It is worth mentioning that the administrative offices participated in booths in the celebration of the National Day under the supervision of the Student and Community Activities Affair, represented by the Student and Sports Activities Office, by organizing the ceremony and preparing the visual presentation. Also, the Public Relations Affairs participated in distributing gifts on employees. The institute’s library displayed books and presented the cultural contest, which was arranged by Dr. Nahed Almarshad and the Quality Assurance, as well as distributing gifts among the students and employees.