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The Deanship Council

​​​​​​The Graduate Studies Council undertakes the responsibility of looking into all matters pertaining to graduate studies at the University and making the necessary decisions within its authority and within the framework of the Unified Regulations of Graduate Studies. Specifically, the Council is entitled to the following powers and functions:

· Propose the general policy for graduate studies or its amendment, work on coordinating graduate studies between the University colleges and institutes and follow up its implementation after approval.

·Propose internal regulations related to the organization of graduate studies in coordination with academic departments.

·Propose and oversee the implementation of graduate admission criteria.

·Recommend the approval of new programs after having been thoroughly examined and compared against existing ones.

·Recommend the approval of new graduate courses, and of any amendments or changes in these courses or programs.

Recommend the titles of the graduate degrees in both Arabic and English, based on the recommendations of college councils.

· Recommend awarding academic degrees.

·Make final decisions on all matters relating to graduate students at the University.

·Approve the formation of thesis/dissertation supervision and examination committees.

·Set up a general framework for developing research plans, formulate guidelines regulating how to write, type, format, and submit a thesis/dissertation, and develop forms for thesis examination reports.

·Evaluate graduate programs at the University on a regular basis through internal or external specialist committees or bodies.

·Review periodic reports submitted by academic departments.

·Look into matters forwarded to it by the University Council, its chairperson or the University President to review and provide recommendations.


The Council of Deanship of Graduate Studies consists of the following:

·Dean of Graduate Studies who is entitled to be the Council President.

·Dean of Scientific Research.

·Vice Deans in the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

·Representatives of the colleges that offer graduate programs.

Council members

#Name​Job ​​
1Dr. Nada A. Aljallal
Dean of Graduate StudiesPresident
2Dr. Aljawharah F. Aljubilah
Vice Dean for Students' affairs
Council secretary
3Dr. Sara Al Ammar Vice Dean for Academic ProgramsMember
4Dr. Ghadah A. Alomani
Vice Dean  for Development and Quality
5Dr. Fadwa Alrowais
Dean of Scientific ResearchMember​
6Prof. Haya M. Almazroa
College of Education RepresentativeMember
7 Prof. Amal M. Alanwar
College of Languages RepresentativeMember
8Prof. Seham B. Mashol
College Computer and Information Science Representative
9Prof.​ Mona H. Alqahtani           
College of Arts RepresentativeMember
10 Prof. Halah G. IbrahimCollege of Nursing RepresentativeMember
11Dr. Aljawharah A. Alzamil College of Social Work RepresentativeMember
12Prof. Tahani N. Alajaji
College of Arts and Design RepresentativeMember
13Dr. Hanan A. Alghulikh
College of Science RepresentativeMember
14Dr. Nawal A. OjibanCollege of Business Administration RepresentativeMember
15Dr. Hawazen Z. Almugren
Joint Interdisciplinary MA in Women Studies RepresentativeMember