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Deanship of Library Affairs Services

​​​The Deanship of Library Affairs strives to provide library services to all members of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University including faculty members, administrative staff and students, in addition to beneficiaries and researchers from outside the university. The following are the main services:


1-Reference Service:
The service aims to guide the beneficiaries to obtain information as soon as possible with minimal effort through the beneficiary service unit, where a number of information specialists work, to help the researcher obtain the required information accurately and easily.

The beneficiary service offices are available in the reception's area, and the beneficiary can obtain the information they want without visiting the library through the “Ask the Librarian" service published on the University website, Deanship of Library Affairs page.

2-Auto Index Service:
This service saves a lot of time for the beneficiary as it presents the details of the subject they search for and its place. The Deanship of Library Affairs provides assistance on how to use indexes to access the required resources.

3-Tour Service:
This service is provided to delegations from outside the University, and new students of the University, to introduce the services and halls of the central library.

4-Ongoing Briefing Service:
The Library provides an on-going briefing service with the aim of keeping the beneficiaries updated about the library.

5-Photo-copying and scanning Service:

It is one of the necessary services, where self-copying devices were provided to facilitate copying and save effort and time for the beneficiaries. While it is allowed to copy a certain ratio of the source of information in accordance with local and international legislations and rules on the protection of copyright and intellectual property.

6-Computer and Internet Service:
The library contains computers connected to the Internet, which are available in the central library and other libraries to facilitate the search for beneficiaries.


7-Membership Application Service:
A community service provided to beneficiaries from outside the university by granting a membership card entitling the person to borrow according to the membership application requirements set out in the membership application form published on the University website- Deanship of Library Affairs page.

8-People with Special Needs Service:
A special hall is provided for people with special needs, and it is equipped with the latest technology to serve them.

9-Reading Counseling Service:

A service aims to develop students' reading taste and equip them with the skills of selecting the appropriate reading materials for their needs to help them solve their problems, as well as instilling and developing reading habits in order to be rooted in them.

10-Behavioral Cognitive Counseling Service:
A service aims to help students in the face of obstacles and difficulties positively and enable them to solve them or minimize their impact and it also aims to give students the ability to control emotions using cognitive behavioral cognitive methods.

11-Digital Library and Databases Service:

Within the framework of the Deanship of Library Affairs' desire to provide modern sources of information to meet the needs of the beneficiaries, the subscription was made to the Saudi Digital Library, which is unique and affiliated to the Ministry of Education; in order to support other sources of information available in the University libraries.

The Saudi Digital Library is the largest academic repository of information resources in the Arab world, with more than 262,000 scientific references covering all academic disciplines, and contracting with more than 300 international publishers and continuously updating this content, which in turn contributes to a huge accumulation of knowledge in the long term. The Digital Library icon has been incorporated into the Blackboard Learning Management System.

12-Book Retention Service:
Faculty members and the like shall have the right to withhold some books for a specified period for the use of the students inside the library. The retained books shall not be externally borrowed and the chief officer of borrowing may not allow the borrowing of a book if it considers that there is an urgent need for non-borrowing of it.

13-Research Carrel Service:
The Deanship of Library Affairs has been keen to provide the appropriate place for in-house access and research and studies by providing inpidual research carrels, with good ventilation, and suitable lighting, equipped with computers connected to the Internet, which are of two types:

  • Research carrels in the Central Library for faculty members and postgraduate students, which are booked by filling the form published on the University website, Deanship of Library Affairs page.
  • Research carrels for undergraduate students, available in the reading rooms of the central library and other libraries, without booking.

14-Classroom Service:
They are well-ventilated rooms with suitable lighting, equipped with computers connected to the Internet, which can be used by faculty members with a small number of their students, and can be used by a group of students for group discussion and studying.

15-Training Halls Service:

The Deanship of Library Affairs has made its training and interactive halls available to faculty members and training units, which are booked by filling the form published on the University website, Deanship of Library Affairs page.

16-Reading Rooms Service:

The library contains multiple rooms for reading and research, equipped with computers and Internet service where the beneficiary can read and search.

17-Borrowing Service:

It is the process of registering the resources of information in the name of the borrower to be used outside the library. The process is supervised by the borrowing officer, who registers the material before borrowing to ensure that it will be returned by the same borrower. Such process is carried out in accordance with approved borrowing controls.