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Deletion and Addition

First: Controls of deletion and addition 

It is not permitted to delete or excuse for first and second level courses for all colleges (except for the Faculty of Languages and community  college , where it is not allowed to delete or excuse for the first level courses only)..

1. The student enrolled in a second level and registered with courses of a higher level, shall be  entitled to delete and add the higher level courses according to the conditions.

2. Student/graduate shall review the study plan to ensure that the previous and concurrent requirements of the registered courses are met and review the certificate evaluation to learn about the courses required to be registered before the deletion and addition begins, and the student is responsible for failure to carry out that.

3. The student has the right to add courses of two levels up to the maximum, provided that the grades in the registration of the courses are made according to the levels of the study plan from the lower level up, according to the provisions of the transition from one level to another.

4. The student shall be entitled to add courses from two higher levels as a maximum. Provided that the progression in the registration of courses is carried out according to the levels of the study plan from the lowest level to the highest, in accordance with the provisions of the transition from one level to another.

5. The student shall adhere to the maximum and minimum of the educational burden permitted for registration (without prejudice to the number of hours of level in the approved study plan), as follows:: 

The educational  burden of the first and second semesters
Community coledge diploma1418

The educational burden for the summer semester of the Bachelor and Diploma


The educational burden for the warned student and the student entitled to a chance following academic dismissal for low grade:

Hours required to be registered


6. When adding a free course, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The free course should be outside the student's study plan
  • That the total number of credit hours for courses registered as free equal to the number of free hours required in the plan

The student who fulfills the free courses shall not be entitled to register an additional free course, and in case of registration, the course shall be deleted from the Deanship of Admission and Registration

7. The student shall review the schedule through the (Student’s Academic Schedule) page, be committed to attending all the registered courses, and follow the academic schedule until the end of the third week. (Important definitions... The student’s academic schedule: It is a schedule in which all the details of the registered course, lecture dates, and the final test are shown, while the weekly schedule: it shows the dates of registered lectures as per week and does not indicate the date of the final examination).

8. The student is not entitled to attend a division that is not registered with her, and her attendance in that division will not be counted, nor can she attend in more than one division for one course.

9. The student  Ensure that the courses are not inconsistent with the final exams and take responsibility for that.

10. Applications for registration will not be considered after the period specified in the university calendar.

11. Follow-up to the university e-mail is very important for the student, in order to see the instructions and what is new on the registration process.

If you have difficulty in registering, 12. kindly refer to the Student Affairs Office at the college

 The following is an explanation of the messages that may appear to students during the period of deletion and addition or when submitting an application form to amend the schedule electronically :

Status / message
1You do not have permission to modify the schedule, due to your access outside of your time or consuming deletion and addition requests.

You shall not be entitled to enter in that period, because either you entered the service in a period other than the period designated for your ID number, or that you are enrolled in a level for which the college has not permitted the authority for deletion and addition.

The student can view the level enrolled in it through the student records page (student information)

2Pending Batch-Pending FunctionThe course is from outside the academic plan, and it cannot be registered.
3Pending LevelThe course is for a higher academic  level, and it cannot be registered.
4The division is closedThe number of registrations is complete, and it cannot be registered.
5Maximum hours exceededYou shall not be entitled to register than the maximum allowed study load.
6Previous course not passedYou did not pass the requirement for the course you want to add, so you cannot register.
7The course has been passedThe course was passed in a previous semester, which is why you cannot enroll in it.
8The seats reserved for your major are closed and currently available for the rest of the majorsThe remaining seats in the division are not for your major, and for this you cannot register in the course.
9Time conflict with a registered course

The course conflicts at the time (lecture time or test time) with the course registered in your schedule, and for this you cannot register.




10Minimum limitations prevent you from deleting a courseThe course cannot be deleted, because you have exceeded the minimum allowed study load of 12 hours.

-To contact the registration department at the Deanship of Admission and Registration regarding deletion and addition:

-To retrieve the password:

Second: controls  for submitting an application form to amend the schedule electronically:

  1. The service will be available to submit applications electronically after the end of the deletion and addition period.
  2. The student has the right to submit or amend five requests for deletion or addition as a maximum within the specified period, and for this the requests must be entered carefully and arranged according to priority and no additional requests will be considered.
  3. Submitting the application shall not mean its implementation, and requests shall be answered with approval or otherwise through the college and within a period not exceeding 24 hours.