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The Public Relation department at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University holds a crucial role in managing core tasks such as  reception and farewell delegation events organization, management of internal communication, and preservation / development of the university image both locally and globally. Recently, the public relations scope has expanded to become more active and influential by being a cultural and societal initiator and a mean of developing and gaining more partners and supporters who have a fundamental and effective role in achieving the university's goals. The public relation department plays a pivotal role in supporting decision-making at the university as it is a common denominator with which all parties intersect as it also holds the responsibility of building a strong bond among the university staff which deeply increases the value of belonging and loyalty leading to a passion for accomplishment and achieve outcomes that raise the university's position in society. 


The role of public relations at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University is continuously evolving by its motivation to pursuit the Saudi Vision 2030 ambitiously and its strong pillar of human resources, as it is the edifice of empowerment and excellence for Saudi women, and the balcony through which their achievements look locally and internationally. The department is empowered by its ambition, a qualified professional team, a supportive-enabling superior management, successful partnerships that have transcended societal value above all considerations, and an infrastructure that makes work enjoyable. This harmony presents the image of the university with a professional marketing communication that links the joints of the university together, to be one body, working for one goal, for the pride of the homeland of each working for its glory.​