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1-​Reading Rooms Unit: 
            It manages the provision of services and borrowing to beneficiaries within its reading rooms, which were classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). It is also concerned with providing the appropriate environment that enables their visitors to read and research with focus and calm.

Rooms distribution


Rooms No.


Classification No.



Literature and Languages (Arabic)

400-499 800-899



Literature and languages (Foreign)

400-499 800-899


General Knowledge, Philosophy, and Psychology (Arabic + Foreign)

00-99 100-199



Religions (Arabic + Foreign)



Religions (Arabic + Foreign)




Pure and Applied Sciences (Foreign)



Pure and Applied Sciences (Arabic)



Social Sciences (Arabic + Foreign)




Art (Arabic + foreign)



History, Geography and Biography (Arabic + foreign)


​2- Specialized Halls:
The unit is responsible for general supervision of all its halls that are available in the Central Library Building; and to follow all works related to these halls in order to ensure the progress of work. As well as developing services to meet the needs and aspirations of the beneficiaries. This unit includes the following halls:

1.Manuscripts, Documents and Anecdotes Hall:
This hall is located on the ground floor and includes many original and copy manuscripts that cover multiple subjects and a collection of rare books, coins and various memorabilia.

2.Education Technologies Hall:
It is located on 2nd floor, and provides various educational techniques in different disciplines that are available to beneficiaries in order to support the educational process and encourage the use of advanced learning strategies and techniques.

3.Special Libraries Hall:
It is located on the ground floor and includes information resources for libraries of individuals and scholars in all areas of human knowledge that are dedicated to the Central Library. These sources represent a scientific and national heritage and include the most precious books and anecdotes.

4.Journals Hall:
This hall is located on 1st floor and includes periodicals and specialized scientific journals in various topics and specialties in order to serve researchers and beneficiaries and to meet the needs of scientific departments in addition to providing general cultural periodicals and daily newspapers.

5.PNU Thesis Hall:
The hall is located on 6th floor and contains theses for the master's and doctorate degrees for Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) and other universities.

6.Maps and designs Hall:
This hall is located on 6th floor in Hall of History, Geography and Translations, and it serves specialists and researchers in the field of geography and designs as it includes maps, atlases and various drawings. The Deanship of Library Affairs is also working to equip this hall with all modern technologies in order to serve its visitors in these areas.

7.Government Publications Hall:
It is located on 5th floor and includes governmental and official publications issued by authorities, ministries, companies and banks such as: research reports, annual books, guides, organizational structures and statistics.

8.Women Library Hall:
PNU Women's Library in Deanship of Library Affairs is considered as the first of its kind in university libraries in the KSA, as it includes a collection of information sources that women have compiled or sources that discuss topics of interest to women. It is located on 6th floor.

9.People with Special Needs Hall:
It is located on the ground floor and serves people with special needs by providing the latest technologies appropriate to their needs and meet their knowledge and information desires.​

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