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First Scientific Conf

​​The First Scientific Conference 

“Recent Developments in Libraries: Aspirations and Leading Experiences"

04/08/1435 AH 

Announcement : 

The PNU Deanship of Library Affairs announces the First Scientific Conference "Recent Developments in Libraries: Aspirations and Leading Experiences". The conference will be held during 25-26 Safar 1436 AH, 17-18 December 2014.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

"Recent Developments in Libraries: Aspirations and Leading Experiences"

Conference Vision

To enable university libraries to have access to the latest techniques, services and developments through discussions and researches in modern developments in libraries and information. 

Conference Objectives

This conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

1- Benefitting from the experiences and suggestions of specialists and improving libraries’ conditions.

2- Having access to the latest library strategies and technologies to keep abreast with the era of information.

3- Becoming aware of the latest technological services to support the educational process and scientific research.

4- Adjusting techniques based on science, information and knowledge.

5- Improving the performance of library employees to establish technology and office support services.

6- Submitting suggestions to improve libraries in all aspects.

7- Combining efforts in order to find a basic infrastructure for libraries.

8- Stimulating knowledge and investment and establishing digital repositories.

Conference Themes

The conference addresses several themes through the participation of specialists who will be presenting their experiences, suggestions and aspirations, through the advanced researches and seminars dealing with the objectives of the conference. The Academic Committee of the conference will be receiving and nominating speakers and papers in several areas, organized as follows:

- The latest developments in the construction and development of acquisitions.

- The latest developments in library and information services.

- The latest developments in technical processing. 

- The latest developments in the overall quality management of libraries.

- The latest developments in the field of knowledge-based economy.

- The latest developments in the field of establishing digital repositories.

Target Groups

- Faculty members, experts, technical personnel, postgraduate students and professionals in libraries and information in universities and colleges.

- Specialists in the field of university, national, and public specialized libraries and other types of libraries.

- Institutions and centers of research and studies in the field of information systems and libraries.

- Investors in the field of information technology and knowledge-based economy.

- Stakeholders.

- Researchers.

- Professional institutions and training companies in libraries, information technology and communications.

Main Events

The conference program will include the following events:

- Defining the main ideas and issues related to recent library developments.

- Scientific Sessions (papers and scientific research).

- Scientific seminars.

- Training workshops.

- Exhibition for the most prominent companies and entities specializing in information and technology production.

Participation Types 

- Attending the conference and submitting papers in the main sessions.

- Attending meetings, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions.

- Participation of government and private companies that produce databases.

- Participation of universities, government and private institutions in presenting models of their experiences and products.

Scientific Research Participation: Terms and Conditions

- Research should be in one of the conference themes.

- Commitment to scientific research and scientific secretariat rules and regulations.

- Research and papers can be written in Arabic or English 

- The first page of the research or paper must bear the title of the research, the name of the researcher and the area of work.

- MSWord on A4 paper, with pagination and font 14 for size.

- Should not exceed 30 pages.

- A one page abstract of the research in Arabic/ English must be submitted.

- Researches for the Master and PhD degrees are not allowed to participate.

- Previously presented or published researches or researches that have been accepted for publication are not allowed.

- All worksheets are subject to academic arbitration by the Academic Committee.

Participation Contents

Those submitting papers must attach the following for each participation:

- Research abstract.

- The participating research in accordance with the conditions of participation.

- The participant’s CV.

- The conference registration form (forms will be loaded on the conference’s webpage).

Submission of Scientific Research Participations 

- Oral Presentation

- Posters

Preparation Method

- A PowerPoint (PPT) presentation written in a clear font and backgrounds colors should be consistent.

- Display time: 10 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for discussion.

PPT Presentation Specifications

- Begin with the title of the research, the name of the participant, and place of study.

- pide the contents of the presentation to include: title, introduction, study topic, study objectives, materials and research methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and scientific references.

- The written academic article should provide useful and focused information.

- Figures and tables must be as limited. Unnecessary details should not be included.

- Writing should be clear and background colors consistent.

Conference Sponsors

Official sponsors: Riyadh Bank and Al-Jazirah Newspaper

Collaborating sponsors: Saudi Digital Library and Thomson Reuters Agency

Partner sponsors

General Notes

- The first day: Registration, 3 theme-related sessions, and the second day: three theme-related sessions.

- Each session has 4-5 keynote speakers and a session supervisor. There will be a seminar and a workshop each day.

- Sessions and workshops will be in Arabic and English with the availability of a simultaneous translation.

- Registration deadline is by 09/24/1435 AH - 21/07/2014.

- Paper submitters and seminar presenters will be contacted by the conference coordinator via phone and email.

Important Dates

- Conference announcement: 26 Rajab 1435 AH/25 May 2014 AD.

- The last date for submission of abstracts: 2 Dhul-Qi’dah 1435 AH, 28/8/2014.

- Notification of the acceptance of abstracts: 7 Dhul-Qi’dah 1435 AH, 2/9/2014.

- Submission of complete papers: 30 Dhul-Qi’dah 1435 AH/14 October 2014.

- Notification of the acceptance of complete papers: 20 Muharam 1435 AH/13 November 2014.

Contact details for the conference coordinator:

Walaa Fawzi Jaber Hamdan, PhD

Phone: 966118244417

Mobile: 966566279667


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