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External Scholarships

External Scholarship Conditions:

The Saudi students' admission conditions and school regulations apply to external scholarship students at Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University according to available seats and Institutions of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the following is required:
 - The age of the applicant should be minimum 17 and maximum 25 years old for both bachelor's and diploma program of Arabic Language Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic Speakers.
- The applicant has a high school certificate or an equalized one.
- The applicant has not been granted any other scholarship from an educational institution in Saudi Arabia.
- She should not have a previous record at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.
- The high school graduation year must not exceed five years.
- The applicant must pass the medical examination stipulated by the regulations and instructions, and be medically fit.
- The applicant must not be dismissed from any other Saudi educational institution.
- The student must fulfill any conditions specified by the University Council and announced at the time of application.
- That the government of the applicant's country agree to study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for countries that require that for Saudi students.
- The secondary certificate must be certified by the Saudi cultural attaché in the country of issuance of the certificate.
-  The applicant should bring a Police clearance certificate from the security services in her country.

Required documents to apply for studying by external scholarship:
1- The high school certificate or that equates it with the marks record certified from cultural mission of Saudi Arabia in the country of issuance of the certificate and translate them into Arabic language.
2- Certificate of good conduct in the event that this is not possible, at least two recommendations from known parties in the applicant's country be submitted.
3- Valid passport for the applicant.
4- Approval paper from applicant's country to study in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
5- Valid Police clearance certificate, from the security center closest to your place of residence.
6- Medical report issued before applying (max 3 months).
* With the need to bring the original documents mentioned above after your acceptance for check conformance of documents.

Benefits offered to external scholarship students:
 According to what is stipulated in the Regulation of Admission Controls for Non-Saudis to Higher Education Institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Their Sponsorship by the Council of Ministers' Resolution   No. (94) dated 3/29/1431 AH: Without prejudice to any financial advantage determined by the regulations governing the financial affairs of universities, the external scholarship student enjoys with the following advantages:
- The student's health care throughout her studies.
- A new student is rewarded 2 months as a preparation allowance when arrival.
- A graduate student is rewarded 3 months as books shipping allowance.
- Providing discounted meals.
- Offering dormitory to the student and the appropriate social, educational, cultural and training care.
- A student is compensated about the value of the ticket used to come to Saudi Arabia in the beginning of her grant. Compensation should not exceed the value of tickets of her nationals.
- The student is paid a monthly reward according to what is paid to the Saudi student.
- A student is given a one-month reward annually in exchange for books and references, provided that the disbursement is limited to the statutory period specified for completing the study without extensions.
- The student with an excellent grade will be given a reward of 1,000 riyals, for her advanced level.
- A current student is given a ticket annually to her residence at the end of every year. And may benefit the student from it at any time provided that it is not be disbursed   another for her and the student should not be disbursed by another party.
- The university undertakes the issuance of visa and residence permit for the student.

Procedures for applying for a scholarship application at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University:
- Apply electronically through the “Study in Saudi Arabia” platform, which is unified to accept non-Saudis from inside and outside the Kingdom, according to the dates announced every year on the platform, and for more details, visit the electronic link below:
- all the required documents are submitted by the link with PDF-JPEG form and send it.
- Upon completion of the application, the applicant will be given the application number, and the applicant will be responsible for following up on the registration application submitted through the platform for follow-up, modification, and review of its status.
- After the applicant obtains the initial approval in the electronic registration application, according to the directives of the Ministry of Education, a final approval request is submitted for her admission to study at the university, and she is notified after obtaining the final approval. of the contact information recorded in her application.

Scholarship End Procedures:
According to the regulation of admission controls for non-Saudis in higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their sponsorship stipulated by the Council of Ministers' Resolution   No. (94) dated 3/29/1431 AH: 
- The external scholarship student must exit the kingdom after completing her studies by maximum three months of the scholarship end date. The university will inform   interior ministry (passport sector) to follow her leaving.
- If the original program period has expired, it can not be extended by more than half of it.

General provisions and warnings: -
- Exclude any application that does not meet the required conditions and documents.
- Submitting more than one application for admission by the applicant during the same period will cancel all applications submitted by the applicant .
- Applying electronically and getting approval means the applicant gets initial but not final nomination unless she is informed about that, the accepted student will be notified after her final acceptance.
- The applicant undertakes that all data and documents entered in her application are correct, and in the event otherwise, the university has the right to exclude the application.
- According to what is stipulated in the regulation of admission controls for non-Saudis in higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their sponsorship by the Council of Ministers' Resolution   No. (94) dated 29/3/1431 AH:
- The scholarship applicant shall be subject to the residency regulations in the Kingdom.
- The external scholarship student is on the university record during the scholarship, and she is responsible for it during her stay.
- The scholarship student is not entitled to transfer from one university to another, and the university has the right to make an exception from this in the cases it considers appropriate.
- The university informs the concerned official authorities in the Kingdom of scholarship students whose postponement, apology or withdrawal has been accepted, as well as scholarship students who have dropped out of studies for any reason, in order to take the necessary measures.
- The external scholarship student is prohibited from working for companies, institutions or individuals while studying.
- The system does not allow the transfer of the sponsorship of the external grant student to the 
- to another party, or to bring her relatives to the Kingdom