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  • Continuous communication and follow-up with students by the Center's supervisors (special education specialists at the college level.)

  • Coordination with the university administrations, colleges and deanships for meeting students academic, psychological and social needs.

  • Communication with faculty members to solve students’ problems.

  • Activation of the educational facilities related to students’ evaluation in coordination with the exams committees in each college.

  • Providing faculty members with advisory services related to teaching and evaluating students with special needs.

  • Providing academic advising and training for students with special needs.

  • Issuing a student support document (SSD) that includes each student’s special needs.

  • Providing transportation between colleges and university facilities when needed.

  • Relating students with institutions which provide different types of support for people with special needs.

  • Following up the payment of special needs allowance.

  • Directing students to the concerned parties to dispense medical devices (e.g, hearing and optical aids).

  • Issuing an entry and exit card from all gates.

  • Issuing a companion card when needed.

  • Organizing events for the purpose of educating and raising awareness as well as celebrating international days.