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The student graduates after fulfilling the graduation requirements successfully according to the study plan, so that the student’s GPA shall not be less than (2) at graduation in all specializations, except in the College of Medicine and Dental Surgery, as the graduation GPA shall not be less than (2.5) out of (5). Graduation Certificate shall be granted in English and Arabic language, and approved by Dean of Admission and Registration, and sealed by the University Seal. In addition, an academic transcript shall be issued in Arabic language, and to be sealed by the university seal.


Certificate Evaluation:

Certificate evaluation is a secondary service from “student records”, which shows the student academic plan according to her current program and the courses passed and the remaining courses in her study plan.

The student is completely liable for verifying fulfillment of the graduation requirements in the program in which she is registered, as well as identifying the method of matching her plan in the academic system.

Each student shall perform certificate evaluation from her academic account, which can be made once every semester for the purposes of verifying the fulfillment of graduation requirements.


To view Certificate Evaluation (Click here)


Honors Degree

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University grants its students first or second honors degree, and it shall be recorded in the student graduation document, according to the following controls:


1.    General Conditions to get honors degree:

a.     The student has not failed in any course she studied in the University or in other university.

b.    The student has fulfilled the graduation requirements within the statutory study period.

c.     ‌The student has studied at least 60% of graduation requirements.

d.    ‌The student shall not be disciplinarily dismissed.


2.    The student who fulfilled the general conditions shall be granted honors degree, if she fulfilled the GPA condition at graduation as follows:

a.     First Honors degree shall be granted to the student, if she obtained a GPA not less than (4.75).

b.    Second Honors degree shall be granted to the student if she obtained at graduation a GPA from (4.25) to (4.74).


Statutory Academic Period

It is the period required to fulfill the graduation requirements, where semesters in which the student excused, transferred, conducted visit-based study in another university, as well as disciplinary dismissal shall be calculated within the statutory period, while the postponement and dropout semesters shall not be calculated.


How the maximum Statutory Academic Period is calculated

The maximum statutory academic period is calculated by adding half the program period to the program period. For Example:

If the program period according to the student plan is (8) semesters, the statutory academic period shall be (12) semesters.


Consequences of the expiry of the statutory period

Upon the study and examinations regulations in PNU, the student, whose statutory academic period expires without fulfilling the graduation requirements, shall be dismissed. As “Academically dismissed for exceeding the defined period” statement shall appear in her transcript.

The student who is about to exceed the statutory period (in the last semester of the period) shall submit an application to the department requesting an exceptional opportunity (one semester) to fulfill graduation requirements, and she shall follow up the application until a response is received.

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