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The student is graduated after successfully completing the graduation requirements according to the study plan so that the student's cumulative rate at graduation should not be less than (2 out of 5) in all specializations except human medicine and dental medicine and dentistry (2.5 out of 5).  A graduate document in Both Arabic and English is granted, accredited by the Dean of Admissions and Registration and stamped with the university seal, as well as a register of academic degrees in Arabic certified and stamped with the university seal.  

 Certificate Assessment: Certificate Evaluation is a sub-service of "Student Records" that presents the student's academic plan according to her current program, the courses that have been passed and the remaining courses in her study plan. The student is fully responsible for verifying the completion of the graduation requirements in the program enrolled in it, and must follow up her academic advisor, and know how her plan is matched in the academic system. Each student must make an evaluation of the certificate from her academic account once a semester in order to verify the completion of the graduation requirements.    To view the certificate rating (click here)

Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University awards its students first or second honors and registers in 
the graduation document for the student, in accordance with the following regulations:
1- General conditions for obtaining honors: 
A. The student must not have failed in any course she studied at the university or at another university.
B. The student must have completed the graduation requirements in the regular period.
C. The student must have studied at the university at least (60%) of graduation requirements.
D. The student must not have been dismissed for a disciplinary reason.  
2-  A student who has achieved the general requirements shall be awarded the honors if she has achieved the GPA requirement at graduation as follows: 
A)The first honors are awarded to the student if she gets at the graduation a cumulative rate of at least (4.75). 
B) The second honors are awarded to the student if, upon graduation, she achieves a GPA from (4.25) to (4.74).

The regular period:
 The regular period is the period required to complete the graduation requirements. The semesters of drop, transfer, visit and disciplinary dismiss are counted within the regular period while the semesters of    
postponement and dropout are  not counted.
How to calculate the upper limit for the regular period:
The maximum regular duration is calculated by adding half of the program duration to the duration of the program: for example:
The maximum regular duration is calculated by adding half of the program duration to the duration of the program: for example:
If the duration of the program according to the student plan = 8 semesters, the regular duration is (12) semesters.
What does it entail after the end of the regular term?
Based on the regulation of studies and tests at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University, the student whose regular term expires without completing the graduation requirements is dismissed. Her academic record shows the phrase "academically dismissed for overtime“
A student who is about to exceed the regular period (in the last semester) must apply to the department for an exceptional opportunity (semester) to complete the graduation requirements, and to follow up the application until it is answered