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E-learning Certificates

The Aim is to enhance the e-learning skills and knowledge of faculty members.

The Description:
The Deanship offers numerous certificates aimed at enabling faculty members to develop and teach the e-curriculum.

Obtaining these certificates does not necessarily require prior training, “but we recommend using our services (training workshops and customized sessions) to enhance the skills required to perform the tasks the certificate requires”.

Certificate of activation of the basic requirements of the learning management system. (task form).

1. Certificate of activation of the virtual class tool. (task form).
2. Certification of customized content and learner performance follow-up.
3. Certificate of Electronic Tests.
4. Certificate of design and teaching e-courses.
5. Certificate of Lecture Recording.
6. Educational video certification.
7. Certificate of production and use of educational resources.

First: Communicate with the E-Learning Unit* to request the required task for obtaining the certificate.
Second: Completing the task on a certain course.
Third: Send an email containing the following information:
- Personal information (Full name in Arabic and English, college, department, professional grade, office phone number).
- The course’s reference number in which the task was applied.
- The name of the trainer (if any).
The course will be evaluated and the completion rate of the task will be determined and therefore the eligibility of the certificate will be determined.​​

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