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Tuition Fees-based Diploma



- About the program

     The program provides the opportunity for non-Arabic speakers to learn the Arabic language. The applicants of the program are students who are not covered by the external or internal scholarship system, and therefore must pay specific fees.

- Admission requirements for the program:

  • You must have a Saudi high school or certified-equivalent diploma.
  • You must hold a valid Saudi Iqama.
  • You must be over 17 years old.

    - Documents required for program registration:
  • Copies of your high school diploma and a transcript. If the documents are issued in your native language, please provide both nostrification and a translation of the documents into Arabic.
  • A copy of a valid Saudi Iqama.
  • A copy of a valid passport.

    - Registration for the program:
  1. You must register in person and submit the required documents, along with a copy of the original receipt, to the Institute.
  2. You must fill out the application form and request a temporary university ID.
  3. The required documents must be submitted if you are offered acceptance into the program.
  4. You must pay the tuition fees through the official bank account of the Institute and print a copy of the original receipt.


  • After verifying and matching the high school certificate and required official documents, you will receive a university ID. You will then be directed to the Vice-Rector's office for Educational Affairs at the Institute to take a placement test.
  • You will be informed of the result of the exam.
  • You must pay the tuition fees through the official bank account of the Institute and a copy of the receipt must be printed, as well as completing the required documents to receive final acceptance.
  • The total cost of the diploma program is sixteen thousand nine hundred fifty Saudi riyals (SAR 16,950), meaning that one semester costs four thousand two hundred Saudi riyals (SAR 4,200).
  • The tuition fees include your participation in the activities held by the Institute, training courses, public events, etc.
  • In case of distance learning, tuition fees are reduced by 20% (i.e., SAR 3360) per semester.


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