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Linguistic Preparation Department

The Language Preparation Department aims to prepare students linguistically for various purposes. The Language Preparation Department offers two programs:


1.   Diploma Program (Teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic speakers for Academic Purposes):

It aims to teach Non-Arabic speaker students of external and internal scholarships the language skills and their elements so that they can complete their university studies in the Saudi universities. It also has recently introduced the diploma program with fees for residents, which is​ an intensive program for teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic speakers in order to qualify the student linguistically so that she can study in Arab universities. After the end of the program, the student obtains a diploma certificate in Arabic for Non-Arabic speakers. In the event that the program is not completed and the student has fulfilled half of the program, the student obtains an intermediate diploma certificate.


2.   The educational courses program for teaching Arabic language for different purposes:

It aims to enable participants of the program to communicate with the Arab environment in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. It is intended for official foreign delegations, internal foreign institutions, and non-Arab residents. The program is subject to payment of fees.


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