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Fast-track Research Funding (FRF) Program

Fast-track Research Funding (FRF) Program


Emanating from the University's vision to be a beacon of knowledge and in realization of its mission to achieve excellence and leadership in scientific research, the University Vice Rectorate for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research seeks to prepare an attracting and supporting environment for its researchers. This can be achieved by adopting and offering a number of encouraging initiatives and programs of scientific research, including the "Fast-track Research Funding (FRF)" Program. This program is considered to be a qualitative leap in the procedures of funding research and increasing its effectiveness according to the researchers needs in order to meet the University's strategic objectives. The objectives can be realized by enhancing the quality of scientific research papers published in the classified journals, supporting the University's goal of obtaining institutional and program academic accreditation, and finally achieving advanced positions in the international classifications, which focus heavily on indicators of scientific production and publishing.

The Program's description and its importance

The project aims at encouraging and supporting researchers to publish their papers in the classified journals through smooth and easy procedures, i.e., they can receive funding without the need for the administrative and financial procedures with respect to the typical funding as most researchers believe that such procedures are of burden to them, consuming a lot of time and efforts. The new procedures enable the researcher to apply for funding easily by submitting a funding request once the research has been published in journals of impact factor, appearing in WOS or Scopus core collection. The smoothness of such procedures attracts the researchers and encourages them to increase the number of the University's classified scientific output. 


The program offers a number of advantages supporting and encouraging research and publishing including the following:

  1. - No research proposal or refereeing is required for prior approval of funding.
  2. -The ability to apply in all knowledge fields without any specification.
  3. -The ability to apply for funding by the faculty members and the like, students, and the employees of the self-operated sector in the University.
  4. -The acceptance of joint and individual research
  5. -The acceptance of applications throughout the year
  6. -All automation of all Program's procedures
  7. -No contracts or reports are required
  8. -The specification of funding amount based on the classification of the publishing journal
  9. -Funding is approved within a short period of time

Program's objectives:

  1. -Increasing the number of scientific research papers published in the classified publishing journals with impact factor that appear in the databases of WOS Core Collection or Scopus.
  2. -Establishing an attracting research environment by facilitating research funding procedures and enhancing their efficiency.
  3. -Upgrading the rank of the University in the international classifications and supporting it to be enlisted in new classifications.
  4. -Encouraging the University to obtain academic institutional and program accreditation.

    The University's strategic objectives that may be achieved by this Program:
  1. -Enhancing the quality of scientific outcomes
  2. -Strengthening research capacities at the University
  3. -Supporting and promoting student excellence
  4. -Promoting and strengthening collaborations with local and international universities
  5. -Ensuring the satisfaction and interaction of employees
  6. -Improving the academic reputation of the University.

    Performance indicators supported by the Program:

    1. The number of papers published in classified journals.

    2. The percentage of scientific publication by faculty members.

    3. The average of research papers for each faculty member per year.

    4. The average quotations of scientific research.

    5. The University's rank in the international classifications.

    Application conditions:
  7. -The researcher must be a member or a student at the University when applying for funding.
  8. -The application for funding must be by the researcher whose name appears the first in the published research, and this researcher is entitled to determine the disbursements.
  9. -The published research must appear in the databases of WOS Core Collection or Scopus.
  10. -The journal in which the research was published shall be classified in the databases of WOS Core Collection and Scopus and such journal shall have an impact factor (therefore WOS "Emerging Sources" databases should be excluded).
  11. -The research shall have not received funding from any party in the University.
  12. -The researcher may apply for the Program for unlimited number of published research throughout one year.
  13. -The published applied research shall be in the same major of the researcher or any related field.
  14. -The applied published research shall be either an original article, review article, or a case report and nothing otherwise.
  15. -The research content and ideas shall consider the Islamic values, national visions, or the University's objectives.
  16. -The adherence to the criteria and rules of quotation at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University issued by the Scientific Council's Resolution No. [19/151], at its twelfth session held on 17/5/1440 AH.
  17. -The Deanship of Scientific Research retains the ownership of all research deliverables, whether patents, products or applications, etc. This procedure complies with Article 6, paragraph (a) of the settled Regulations related to patents, designs of integrated studies, plant varieties and industrial models whether for locally or internationally registered inventions.
  18. -The researcher's affiliation to Princess nourah bint Abdulrahman University shall be referred to as the first affiliation as in the following form:

    -Department name/ College name/ Princess Nourah  bint  Abdulrahman University.
  19. -The acknowledgment to the Deanship of Scientific Research for funding the research shall be written as in the following:

    ​This research was funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research at  Princess  Nourah  bint  Abdulrahman University through the Fast-track Research Funding Program.
  20. Acknowledgment to any other party in the University shall not be accepted.
  21. 25% of the fund shall be deducted should the research include acknowledgment to a different funding from a different party outside Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.

    The Procedures:
  • -The application for funding -once the published research appears in the databases of WOS Core Collection and Scopus- is to be submitted electronically through the following link (http: // ......), completing all the necessary information and attaching the specified documents.
  • -The application is to be reviewed and approved by the authorized committee at the Deanship of Scientific Research.
  • -The application is to be sent –after its approval- to the Financial Department for the disbursement of the amount of funding approved by the Deanship of Scientific Research.
  • -The Deanship of Scientific Research follows-up the process of funding until the amount of funding is paid by the Financial Department.
  • -The amount of funding specified in the table below is paid from one of the University's own resources as a lump sum (including research expenses and researchers' remuneration) and not as an advance payment.

    Funding amount:


Journal's Category


Publication in ISI Core Collection database



Publication in Scopus database


Q425000  15000




برنامج المسار السريع لتمويل الأبحاث

 Fast-track Research Funding (FRF) Program

نموذج طلب التمويل

الرابط (http: // ……

User name and Pass word)) إيميل الجامعة الرسمي


  برنامج المسار السريع لتمويل الأبحاث                              

 Fast-track Research Funding (FRF) Program


الاسم رباعي

Full Name




الفئة المستفيدة

Targeted Audience

  • عضو هيئة تدريس  Staff
  • منسوبي التشغيل الذاتي بالجامعة Employee at Self Operated Sector in PNU
  • طالب دراسات عليا Post-Graduate Student   

   ð  ماجستير  Master's        ð  دكتوراه   PhD

  • طالب بكالوريوس  Bachelor Student



الجنس Gender                                            

الرقم الوظيفي/الجامعي

Employee/Univ. Number


رقم الهوية الوطنية / الإقامة (للمتعاقدين)

National ID Number/Iqama


(الكلية/القسم) – (المستشفى)

(College/Department) – (Hospital)


التخصص العام/الدقيق



المرتبة الأكاديمية (لأعضاء هيئة التدريس)

Academic Rank (for staff)


المستوى الدراسي (للطلبة)

(for students)   Academic Level

هاتف          Tel.                                               
جوال           Mobile                                     
بريد الكتروني                                  E-mail                                                                                   @
البيانات البنكية

اسم البنك

Bank Name


رقم الآيبان




معلومات البحث

Research Information

عنوان البحث كما يظهر في قواعد بيانات                    WOS core collection  أو Scopus

Research Title as shown in( WOS Core collection) or Scopus


إرفاق إثبات ظهور البحث المنشور في قواعد بيانات   (WOS Core Collection)  أو Scopus (إلزامي)

Attach Proof of publication in (WOS Core Collection) or Scopus


إرفاق بيانات المجلة وقيمة Q كما هو ظاهر في قواعد بيانات   (WOS Core Collection)  أو Scopus (إلزامي)

Attach Journal Data  with Q value as shown in (WOS Core Collection) or  Scopus


إرفاق البحث المنشور كاملاً (إلزامي)

Attach Full Article


إرفاق تقرير الاقتباس للبحث

Attach Article's Plagiarism Report


الاسم العلمي للمجلة

Journal Full Title


رابط المجلة الإلكتروني

E-link  Journal


الرقم التسلسلي الدولي المعياري



رقم المجلد

Volume No.


رقم العدد

Issue No.


رقم الصفحة: ( الأولى- الأخيرة)

Page Numbers: (first-last)


تاريخ النشر

Date of publication

المرفقات المطلوبة Required attachments
1.       إرفاق نسخة من السجل الأكاديمي للطالب مقدم الطلب  "يوضح حالة الطالب والمواد المسجلة عند تقديم الطلب"1.  Attach student's academic transcript showing student's enrollment status and the recent registered courses.
2.       إرفاق السيرة الذاتية للباحث/الطالب مقدم الطلب.2.  Attach the applicant's CV.




الباحث مقدم الطلب

Research Applicant


أقر بأن جميع معلوماتي المدونة صحيحة كما أقر  بالتزامي بمعايير وأخلاقيات البحث العلمي خلال مشاركتي بالبحث.

I certify that all the given information is correct and true, and I am committed to the standards and ethics of scientific research  while       conducting this research.

التاريخ                           Date



رقم الطلب

إجراءات عمادة البحث العلمي                              Deanship of Scientific Research Procedures

اعتماد اللجنة المختصة (موافقة/ رفض/ إرجاع)

Assigned Committee's Recommendation (Approved\ Disapproved)


رقم الطلب مع قيمة التمويل

Request No. with the Funding Amount


إرسال رقم الطلب للإدارة المالية في حال الموافقة مع قيمة التمويل

Sending request No. to the Budgeting Administration in case of approval with the funding amount.


إعادة الطلب للمتقدم بموجب الرقم المرجعي في حال الرفض مع ذكر السبب.

Returning request No. to the applicant in case of disapproval with Justifications

                               إجراءات الإدارة المالية                                                           Financial Administration Procedures

استقبال الطلب مع قيمة التمويل (وحدة الحسابات البنكية بالإدارة المالية)    

Receiving request No. with the funding amount

(Bank Accounts Unit in the Financial Administration)                                                                                                                                                                              

(شيك – تحويل )



 عمادة البحث العلمي- وكالة البحث العلمي لشؤون البحث العلمي




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