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 Online Admission

Princess Nourahbint Abdulrahman University (PNU) accepts student applications for admission to public universities in Riyadh throughStandard Online Admission.

1.Facilitationand standardization of admission procedures in order to save time and effort for the students and their parents, saving them the trouble of attendance in person atthe university,and avoiding duplication of data entry at the universities.
2. Increasing the number of actually admitted students by not repeating the admission of students at more than one university, and reducingloss of university vacancies due to the withdrawal of some students.
3. Taking advantage of the available vacancies in the public universities in Riyadh and the optimal investment in all universities.
4. Enabling students to apply to more than one university at the same timeand identifying suitable alternatives.
5. Ensuring clarity and transparency of admission procedures, and ensuring fair and equal opportunities for all in accordance with the approved admission criteria for each specialty.

General Conditions for Admission to Public Universities
For students to be admitted to universities, the following conditions shall apply:
1. The student musthold a high school certificate,or its equivalent, from Saudi Arabia or abroad.
2. The student mustnot have acquired the high school certificate, or its equivalent, more than five years ago.
3.  The student mustsatisfy the stated admission requirements set by the university.
4. The student mustbe medically fit.
5. University regulations prevent the admission of any student who has already obtained a Bachelor degree, or who has been dismissed for disciplinary reasons from a public university in Saudi Arabia or any other country.
Required Documents
1. Original and four copies of high school certificate.
2. Two copies of the family card or the student civil ID card.
3. The admission nomination notice and the enrollment application form, to be printed fromthe Standard Online Admission Portal and signed by the student and her guardian.

Guide to Standard Online Admission of Students to Public Universities in Riyadh
Standard Online Admission Portal