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 “Creativity and Loyalty”: PNU Celebrates its Faculty and Administrative Members

​​Under the auspices of PNU Rector, Dr. Hoda bint Mohamed al-Ameel, the Deanship for Faculty Members’ Affairs organized its 6th “Creativity and Loyalty” Meeting, focusing on the efforts of PNU faculty and administrative members and honoring those who have carried the torch and led PNU to scientific and administrative excellence.


In her word in which she emphasized the true role carried out by university staff members, Dr. al-Ameel stated that this scientific establishment is now entering its third year of implementing the strategic plan that was translated to clear and specific projects to realize the necessary accomplishments. She stated that the university has completed all institutional accreditation requirements that were distributed throughout the range of the university. Through the institutional accreditation, the university will become a beacon of knowledge and values for women, encompassing all aspects that will allow women to qualify for and lead in the leadership positions the nation needs. This has become a challenge that goes beyond the university to merge with the ambitious Saudi 2030 vision that holds a special place for women, aiming to make women true partners in the process of development and revival. To become true partners in development, a number of factors must be available for the qualification of women, the university being one of the most important of these factors. Hence, we are true partners in the realization of this vision. The success of the university lies in its staff members who have turned challenges into real opportunities to be benefited from. One of such successful opportunities was last week’s graduation of the first batch from the College of Medicine and the College of Dentistry, and the first batch of graduates from the programs affiliated with the partnership with the City of Dublin University.


The PNU Rector added that PNU adopts means and methods that encourage competitiveness throughout the university to achieve its strategic objectives that will lead to leadership in the qualification of women. The most important of these means and methods is the launching of awards in several fields; such as, the PNU Award for Women Excellence at the national level; the Award for Rectors and Directors of Universities and Higher Education Institutions in the GGC; the Leadership Award for Researchers in Health Sciences; and the Award for Encouraging  Scientific Research within PNU.


Dr. al-Ameel stressed that this meeting is an annual opportunity that allowed us to remember the university’s accomplishments, represented in the inauguration of the King Abdullah University Hospital, which is one of the university’s greatest and most important accomplishment; and launching the Master Program for the College of Computer Sciences and the College of Nursing, and three higher diplomas for the College of Education, with the beginning of the upcoming academic year. The accomplishments also included the partnership with the Sports Authority that will transpire in the extensive operation of the sports centers throughout the university. PNU will be participating in various competitions for qualifying students, developing their skills, and disseminating the culture of self-care and relying on sports in enhancing life style and level. Also launched was the Advisory Council for Administrative Staff, under the leadership of the Assistant to the Vice Rector, Dr. Aisha al-Rajhi, touching the needs of the administrative staff and developing systems that help in establishing a supportive and productive work environment.


The PNU Rector thanked the vice rectors, deans, and department heads for the efforts exerted in support of the academic and administrative processes that have achieved the university’s strategic purposes; founding the operations and systems necessary for effective performance and strengthening cooperation between the academic and administrative units of the university.


Dr. Sara al-Adeili, Dean of Faculty Members and Employees’ Affairs, stated in her word that a creative personality helps provide excellent services and increase efficiency and productivity. The progress achieved by developed countries and their elite universities is based on the provision of circumstances suitable for creative people, allowing them to express and invest their energies in a rational and solid manner. Based on this, the Dean called for a PNU annual award for administrative excellence. 


Toward the end of the meeting, PNU Rector honored the leaderships concluding their mandatory period of assignment in 1438 AH; Saudi faculty members who have achieved international, regional, or local awards for the current year; those who have achieved professorships and associate-professorships during the current year; retiring faculty and administrative members; administrative members who have achieved 27 years of service; and resigning contractual faculty members who have served PNU for more than 5 years.


Dr. Sara al-Adeili praised the synergy of efforts at PNU and called for a PNU award for administrative creativity, stating that although PNU is but a young university, it has strongly competed in all arenas and at all levels, setting a strategic plan that conformed with the wise vision of the state, and moving forward to obtain local and international program and institutional accreditation. This young university thrives by the hands of its outstanding members who will no doubt achieve administrative creativity awards among others. It is through this human wealth that the university will achieve advanced ranking at the international level, and execute the initiatives and applications that will help achieve its vision.


During the meeting, Dr. Faten al-Zamel, acting University Vice Dean for Development and Quality, awarded the College of Nursing the title of “Outstanding College” for the current academic year, according to the standards set by the University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality, conforming with those of institutional accreditation as to strategic planning, leadership and management, education and learning, students’ affairs administration and support, graduate studies and scientific research, social services, quality of utilities and preparations, development and skills enhancement, and creativity and innovation. This comes as part of the university’s efforts to strengthen the performance of its members and appreciate their efforts.