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 PNU Health Sciences Research Center Academic Calendar Concludes

The PNU Health Sciences Research Center, affiliated with the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University hospital, has concluded its academic calendar for the second semester of the academic year 1438 AH, successfully achieving the desired objective of training PNU faculty members and emerging researchers throughout its five health colleges (College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, and College of Rehabilitation Sciences), as well as the clinical researchers affiliated with the university hospitals. The objective was to develop participants’ basic and advanced medical research skills through extensive training that included lectures, workshops, and training courses.


The training and its affiliated activities took place at the Health Sciences Research Center, in cooperation with Utrecht University, the Netherlands, based in the academic calendar for 1438 AH. The training included specialized activities for developing scientific research skills in the field of health sciences.


The training activities were based on a thorough study of the researchers expectations and aspirations, with the purpose of founding a solid infrastructure for the culture of scientific research, widening its horizons, and enriching the knowledge in the field of health research. The topics included, but were not limited to, an introduction to scientific research; advanced scientific research; research methodology; and methods of writing scientific research. A total of 32 workshops were provided, in addition to 12 lectures, and 2 training courses. An estimate of 752 PNU faculty members and university hospital staff members attended the training activities, in addition to 235 students from health colleges.


The training activities provided local and international medical research by leading specialists. The hours of the workshops specialized in health research were approved by the Saudi Authority for Health Specializations.​ ​​