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 Open the door to your writing potential

National Geographic Learning and the English Language Institute at PNU is delighted to launch the ‘Life as Lived’ writing competition.
Using the unique work of National Geographic Photographers Annie Griffiths and Matt Moyer as inspiration, we invite you to submit a written piece of work in one of the following
three categories:
- Creative Writing (fiction)
- Factual Piece (report)
- Personal Account (narrative)
How it works:
Pick one photo from the ‘Life as Lived’ Exhibition on which to base your writing
Choose one of the three categories for your writing
Write approx. 800-1000 words in English Submit to by Thursday April 14th 2019 Photos are available in the following locations:
1.​ Station A2
2. Station A4
3. Station A5
4. English Language Institute
5. Languages College
6. CBA College
7. Computer Science & Information
8. Main Library