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 Vision, Mission and Objectives

To become a leading e-university in the region through technical excellence.

Disseminate the culture and importance of utilizing technology in the field of information among PNU employees, make available hi-tech devices and equipment, and develop, implement, manage, and utilize suitable programs and information systems effectively and efficiently to provide integrated quality in information technology and communication services.

• Utilizing computer technology as a basic working tool in accomplishing the tasks of the different PNU departments and colleges to ensure accuracy and save time and effort.
• Delivering accurate and correct information at different levels throughout PNU as quickly as possible through the programs and databases that contain the data of the various systems.
• Providing the necessary computer services to PNU students, faculty members, and administrative staff through the provision and maintenance of advanced equipment and the development of different programs and operational necessities.
• Employing technological means and tools throughout PNU to support administrative and academic performance.
• Establishing an integrated information system using modern scientific methods and developing computer systems for administrative and academic tasks and duties throughout PNU.
• Providing computer services to university scholars through the provision of the necessary equipment and software programs, in addition to the necessary training to participate in aiding scientific research and post-graduate studies.
• Providing training on computer applications and their uses within and beyond PNU and holding advanced training courses on databases, computers, and networking systems for academic and administrative staff members.
• Supervising and following up with all information technology-related projects that are implemented by external parties contracted by PNU.
• Supervising the development of the PNU website and e-portal.
• Establishing information technology networks at PNU, linking them to international networks, and supervising the performance enhancement and development, network speeds, and efficacy of email services.
• Participating in community service programs through the provision of training courses.