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 ​Quality Assurance Department

• Approving the policies, programs, and systems that achieve department objectives in light of the PNU quality strategy.
• Determining the rules and regulations that guarantee workflow according to international specifications and standards, such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27002.
• Developing the electronic forms relevant to workflow in the information technology departments or other PNU sectors and ensuring their proper utilization through the PNU e-portal.
• Designing questionnaires and data collection tools for measurement and assessment.
• Establishing an internal work system in the department and determining employee specializations and general job descriptions.
• Reviewing workflow reports in all information technology and communication departments, checking the quality of the work, and reviewing all other work-related reports.
• Studying and reviewing the department’s mission according to ongoing developments and developing the work system to achieve this mission.
• Studying the executive work plans of the information technology departments resulting from the quality strategy in preparation for approval and providing the necessary resources for implementation.